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Reclaim Your Sexual Freedom
Break Free from Sexual Stress & Rediscover Your Inner Passion 
Experience Sexual Healing, Overcome Intimacy Challenges & Rekindle Passion, Joy and Empowerment in Long-Term Relationships with
Expert Psychologist, Sexologist, and Hypnotherapist


So many women feel shut down and stressed out when it comes to sex in

their long-term relationship.


Are you feeling tired and empty all the time? Of having sex like it's something from your to-do-list? Of feeling like your sex is "broken" and you lost yourself somewhere? Of feeling anxious and stressed out when your partner aproaches you or you know it is about the time he wants it again? Do you wish there was some sort of sexual healing therapy to get your desire and joy again?

Sex isn't something that often goes by itself. Especially in longterm-relationships it takes continuous effort from both partners to keep it juicy and alive. Yet most people have never received proper sex-education and experience their sex-life drying up as their relationship evolves.

With the right tools and expert guidance it all gets a whole lot easier!

Sign up for a free online orientation appointment so we find out how you can start your own sexual healing therapy today from the comfort of your own home!


Hi! I am so happy to meet you...

My name is Marianne, I am a Psychologist(-NIP), Sexologist, and Hypnotherapist (in training). I specialize in helping women break free of insecurity, stress and anxiety around sex in their long term relationship so that they can create deep, loving, and joyful intimacy in their relationship.

My signature program Yoni Magic Mastery has helped hundreds of women turn painful sex into blissful sex and turn their stress and anxiety around sexual interaction into enjoyment.


My life's mission is helping women from all corners of this earth heal the patriarchal-trauma we carry in our bodies and create deep intimate connection within our long term relationship.


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Marianne van Katwijk, Msc, Unleash Your Wildness featured in Mijn geheim, Flair, Whimn, Viva, RTL4
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This is how my clients experience the magic of this work:

"I wanted to be softer for myself and men. I felt I was not good enough, and not worthy."


I want to make change and break through the blocks. I wanted to move forward in my connection with men, and feel more free in my sexuality. And I DID IT! I feel so much more safe and free and I really wish everyone to feel this way!

- Sanne -

The Netherlands

(1:1 Therapy Coaching)

"It's been the best investment of my life so far!!"


Working with Marianne helped me repair the relationship with myself and helped me to bring pleasure back into my life in all forms. And through that everything else is starting to come into place. I used to struggled so very much. I really lost my relationship with myself because I didn't think that I was enough by myself. I have now found my purpose in life, and I have fallen in love again! With someone that also shares all of these dreams and goals with me. 


To be honest this work has saved my life!!


– Renee – 


(1:1 Therapy Coaching)

"When I first started I had so much pain. After the first session the pain was gone!

I couldn't believe it!!"


I had pain when laying down, when going to the toilet not even to mention during s.ex. I was aftraid it would be like this for the rest of my life. But Mariannes program changed my life!

I released so much and I really got connected to my body!


- Sarah -


(Group Coaching Program)

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Awaken Your Hidden Sensual Superpower, Reclaim Empowered Connection with Your Body!
Join Now (for FREE) to Transform Disconnection into Personal Empowerment. Don't Miss Out!

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