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"It has been really fun to learn to know what self-pleasure is, because before I was like, I don’t know what to do, and what I like. So, having someone guide me through has been really cool."


My biggest struggle was being seen, and being vulnerable, and the big wall I had built up, and I was not stepping into my full power. I really got a better understanding, for myself and in partnership, what I like and I also developed a sense of respect, love and self-worth in my body.


 – Jordann – 


(Group Coaching Program)

"Working with Marianne really thought me to reconnect with my body and listen to what I want and what my desires and dream are." 


I was struggling with burnout triggered by health issues and a rather stressful job and years of not listening to my body. Marianne really thought me to get out of my head and into my body. I particularly enjoyed the breathwork that we did, which is something I still incorporate in my daily life when I am feeling anxious. The session made me feel very calm, empowered, joyful, and extremely connected!


– Mo – 

The Netherlands

(1:1 Therapy Coaching)

"It is a whole new dimension of feeling, not only in my Yoni... but also in my whole body AND spirit!" 


The program was very much fun, and playful, and a lot of beautiful amazing sensations!

- Bonka -


(Group Coaching Program)

" I have to admit that this journey has truly been epic!"


We decided to work with Marianne because there was much tension and not much connection. It was very healing for us both and now we are much more connected and our family life is much more calm and fulfilling and we have upgraded our sex life too!

- Yukka & Linnea -


(1:1 Therapy Coaching Program)

"Big massive thanks Marianne. 

Working with you felt groundbreaking in so many ways. This is such powerful work, I cannot thank you enough."

I am seeing my femininity in such a new and different way, not 'scary' at all!! I feel I've found a part of me that I never knew I'd lost - and I look forward to getting to know her more. 

Your work has helped me reach such deeper feelings of love and acceptance for myself in new ways that I couldn't have imagined and I'm seeing how that transcend out to share with others, truly beautiful.


I feel so empowered and independent in a far 'higher' way than ever before, this is exciting stuff!!!! My words are flowing more, and I experience more confidence in groups and with men. Thank you for the space you create so that women can master such a personal and somewhat intimidating area.

You have opened new doors for me – AMAZING WORK!!


- Jo -


(1:1 Therapy Coaching Program)

"Your course changed my life! When I look back from where we started and the journey we walked together, the process from the immense pain I had to now being WILD and FREE in my sexuality AND personality! I am so grateful for what you've taught me."


I can now clearly say no when I feel a no, I feel so much more self-confident and sexy, I'm not shy to show my femininity and sexiness to the world anymore which is a greeaaaat feeling!!


There is still allot to learn but I have reached so much already and it’s because of your guidance!! 



- Sarah Jasmina -


(Group Coaching Program)

"I am 51 years old, I’m going through menopause and I am definitely not ready to become the version of the older woman our society advocates. Marianne’s program helped me to stand truly in the strength of my feminine self."

It helped me opened me up to my body in ways beyond my expectations and beyond any previous experiences. It was a journey of discovery in which I found my strength, and found my way back to myself.

I learned to nourish myself. I am now more confident in the way I meet the world. I healed old wounds and reconnected with my body, my sensuality and my femininity. I forged a new relationship with myself, experienced my beauty, and learned to trust my own wisdom. 


Marianne is a delight, she has beautiful energy, she is supportive, direct, open-hearted and full of life. I found her program sensual, spiritual, sexy, cleansing, energetic, transformative, supportive, healing and deeply satisfying. I continue a regular self-practice and my exploration keeps revealing new depths of knowing and understanding myself. 


I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Marianne, to learn from her and find ways to truly stand in my body, to love myself unconditionally and to trust myself to be the powerful woman that I know I am. 


Thank you Marianne, for your beautiful work!


 - Michaela French -


(Group Coaching Program)

"Working with Marianne has helped me getting clear on what I truly desired in my relationship."


Her ability of guiding me in listening to my body has taken me to new horizons of pleasure. 

She has calmly and professionally held space for me and I felt her on my side all the time, present and with no judgements the whole time."

- Elisa Calatabiano -


(1:1 Therapy Coaching Program)


"I highly recommend Marianne for sexuality and  love coaching, but als to anyone who is seeking life coaching in general to get to a new place."

Marianne coached me for 2 months and it was amazing!! She went really deep with me, helping me to bring up and transform deep, unconscious stuff inside of me in our sessions and making me feel safe all the way.


I loved how Marianne was able to hold me in every difficult situation that I went through in the coaching process. It was really good therapeutic work. I put a lot of pieces back in place, and feel much more empowered. Marianne has a variety of skills and is very loving, intuitive and professional at the same time. 

​ Thank you for your time, Marianne! 

- Anna Talbot - 


(1:1 Therpay Coaching Program



Jolijn, Entrepeneur

The Netherlands

I feel I am more in my body, I have improved my energy AND my sex life.

Marianne makes you really feel comfortable in your own sensuality and sexuality. Celebrating every subtle sensation until it becomes obvious sensations!

I feel centered, grounded, happy, feminine and really in my body without any stress.

India, Author, USA


I have learned a lot about my own body, and how my own body is a healing conduit.


It is wonderful to work with Marianne as she has a very relaxing voice, and gives practical information that helps to amplify transformation.

After working with Marianne I am able to empower myself and get more in balance. I am now fully in touch with my body and my feminine essence.

Sabrina, Graphic Designer, Austria

I have become so much more

aware of myself after working

with Marianne, I feel much lighter.

Breathing is more important now

and I can handle my feelings



I feel fully in touch with my body,

my emotions, my sensations.

I feel a deep self-love now.

A loving letter from Arden, USA

Yoni Yoga Amsterdam

Hi Marianne,


That's a long time since we saw each other. I have truly missed taking Yoni Yoga classes with you at Rasa Lila.... but life got very busy, because in the mean-time I have been truly blessed with the gift of my second child, my amazing daughter!


In fact, taking your classes was a big part of the healing that I needed before I could receive my daughter. I want to take a moment to share my gratitude with you - I would like you to know that I have used the practices you taught in your classes so often and they have had a huge impact on my life! 


I was very blocked by the birth-trauma I experienced with my first child, and I needed to reconnect to my body, to myself, to my power, and to the universe before I could receive my daughter - and it really paid off because my biggest wish came true, and now my daughter is here every day to share this woman's journey with me!

Elfriede van der Sanden

The Netherlands

I really realy love Marianne's Yoni Yoga classes.


It is like something magical is happening to me during in her class. Like my whole body starts to open up, and my body starts to heal.


Releases start to happen, and I come into this flow of pleasure and healing.

And it all feels so effortlessly, so naturally. I feel so grateful to have found her classes! They give me so much!

The class doesnt even feel like a practice, it is so pleasurable and at the same time so much healing!

Yoni Yoga experiences
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