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" I have started to enjoy sex again and my partner also feels what a big impact this program has on both our lives. My husband said your coaching was the BEST investment EVER!! I am so happy!"

There has been such a change in my life! I am much more open, more confident, more radiant. I have started to enjoy sex again and my partner also feels what a big impact this program has on both our lives. We got married recently and he said that he feared that our sex-life would become non-existent, but on the contrary, it has only gotten better! He even mentioned that he is rediscovering his own sexuality and finding new ways of pleasure. We are learning together, growing together in our partnership and that is something so powerful, so beautiful. 



Finding my power within has already changed so much for me as it transfers into many parts of my life… I am more balanced, happy, creative - a better friend, wife, lover and mother. I highly recommend this program for every woman, no matter what phase of life they are in. 
Thank you Marianne, you are doing such important and amazing work!

- Caroline -


achtergrond sacred sex.jpg

Is this you? Are you:

  • Longing for something different, for openness, playfulness, turn-on, pleasure, passion, and melting into surrender – but instead your desire for sex is completely gone?

  • Feeling frustrated that you can’t open up to the man you deeply love and feel attracted to?

  • In search of your femininity, sensuality as you only seem to knew how to operate from your masculine side.

  • Feeling weird in your own body - you can’t let go or can’t relax your body, because everything feels so tense and anxious inside?

  • Doubting yourself, question yourself or worry there is something wrong with you? 

  • Feeling broken as a woman?

  • Feeling that sex is just 'ok' or 1 more thing on the to-do-list, and at worst you are happy when it is over?

  • Feeling afraid to say 'no' if your partner wants sex because it would upset him? 

  • Missing pleasure and playfulness in your everyday life?

Imagine if you could:

  • Feel confident, powerful and sexy in your own body and sexuality;

  • Allow yourself to melt open into surrender and relaxation and experience inner freedom;

  • Experience sacred sexual union with your partner while feeling super turned on;

  • Feel confident and empowered as a sensual sexual spiritual feminine being;

  • Take your sensuality and sexuality back for yourself, to honor and embody the feminine qualities and know yourself;

  • Feel safe to surrender your body so you can allow sensual luscious energy to move through your body​;

  • Embody the empowered feminine, the divine goddess in living form;

  • Live from your natural pure wild free feminine essence;

  • Experience deep profound bliss, turn-on & pleasure in your own body by yourself FOR yourself!

The best news is: you can!

Choose to live your life feeling free, empowered, connected, joyfilled, serene, in lightness, and experience playful joyful turn-on and pleasure on a daily basis inside your own body AND life.

Hey! I am Marianne van Katwijk; Sex Psychologist and founder of Unleash Your Wildness - Yoni Magic.


I have been helping thousands of women wake up to the power of their womb and embodying the magic of their yoni (vagina/vulva/cervix).


Doing my soulwork since 2016 and I'm here to share one of my most powerful tools with you!

I am a sexual empowerment psychologist and coach specialized in female pleasure.

With a master's degree in Psychology and a certification that got me specialized as Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, I am among the top 1% of holistic, somatic and integrated sexuality coaches in the world. Working with both individuals and groups.




  • Bi-weekly sessions tailor to YOUR specific needs (via Zoom); (value €3663,-) 


  • Customized weekly home-practice to integrate your sessions in real life to give your brain the needed repitition that creates new positive neural pathways; (value €2442,-)

  • Mindset Work - Journal Prompts (value €1221,-)

  • 24/7 contact support via e-mail and /or Voxer (similar to Whatsaap) so you can always ask questions or reach out;​ (value €2442,-)

Kopie van Course Mockup Templates.png


  • Customized guided meditation recordings to bring deep transformation and connection to your sensual confidence and your feminine powers – for you to keep forever!​​ (value €996,-)

  • Guided self-pleasure activation practices; (value €499,-)

  • Homeplay practices to do with your partner; (value €299,-)

  • Free access to my uniquely developed Yoni Yoga Sequence Course; (value €130,-)

  • Gorgeous yummie sensual gifts, specially for you, that I will send out to your home; (value €228,-)

Ontwerp zonder titel-25.jpg

If you were to purchase this from me sperately and it wasn't part of this coaching package that I am offering you then the


TOTAL VALUE of it would be €11920,-

But you get to work with me for more than 70% off

You can get step into this

1:1 coaching journey with me


all the bonus gifts


for just €4400,-

For soulful ambitious women who want to fall in love with their feminine energy & sensual super power




How does 1:1 Therapy / Coaching look like? 👉  The sessions, practices, tools, meditations and homeplay work, are all specifically designed for you to:


  • Clarify your true dreams, desires and goals;

  • Uncover hidden challenges and blind spots that could be sabotaging your success;

  • Create next-step action plans;

  • Feel inspired and re-energized about yourself, your life, your relationship, your sexuality;

  • Experience deep level change and possibly lasting transformation;

  • Feel worthy of experiencing deep sensual pleasure;

  • Opening up in surrendering with a partner​;


  • Moving through inhibitions that keep you from your natural sensuality;

  • Bring awareness to layers of cultural and patriarchal conditioning on your sexuality;

  • Addressing the weight of insecurity inside and out;

  • Breaking through feeling sexually numb & disconnected;

  • Embodying your unique blueprint of feminine power, pleasure and turn-on for life.


Elisa Calatabiano, Italy

"Working with Marianne has helped me getting clear on what I truly desired in my relationship.

Working on the home work in between the sessions has helped me to integrate the work we had done together in a deeper way.


Her ability of guiding me in listening to my body has taken me to new horizons of pleasure.


As well as  a renewed ability to communicate from my truth in a calm way towards my partner. 

It has truly been a magical journey!

Marianne has calmly and professionally held space for me and I felt her on my side all the time, present and with no judgements the whole time.


Thank you Marianne!"

2018 Michaela-VA.jpg

Michaela French, UK

"I am 51 years old, I’m going through menopause and I am definitely not ready to become the version of the older woman our society advocates.


Marianne’s program helped me to stand truly confident in the strength of my feminine self.

It opened me up to my body in ways beyond my expectations and beyond any previous experiences. It was a journey of discovery in which I found my strength, and found my way back to myself. I learned to trust my own wisdom, my sensuality and my femininity.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Marianne, to learn from her and find ways to love myself unconditionally and to trust myself to be the powerful woman that I know I am. 

Thank you Marianne, for your beautiful work!


Anna Talbot, Germany

"I highly recommend Marianne for sexuality and  love coaching, but als to anyone who is seeking life coaching in general to get to a new place.

Marianne coached me for 2 months and it was amazing!! She went really deep with me, helping me to bring up and transform deep, unconscious stuff inside of me in our sessions and making me feel safe all the way.


I loved how Marianne was able to hold me in every difficult situation that I went through in the coaching process. It was really good therapeutic work.


I put a lot of pieces back in place, and feel much more empowered. Marianne has a variety of skills and is very loving, intuitive and professional at the same time. 

​Thank you for your time, Marianne!"


"I wanted to be softer for myself and men. I felt I was not good enough, and not worthy."


I want to make change and break through the blocks. I wanted to move forward in my connection with men, and feel more free in my se.xuality. And I DID IT! I feel so much more safe and free and I really wish everyone to feel this way!

- Sanne -

The Netherlands​

"Big massive thanks Marianne. 

Working with you felt groundbreaking in so many ways. This is such powerful work, I cannot thank you enough."

I am seeing my femininity in such a new and different way, not 'scary' at all!! I feel I've found a part of me that I never knew I'd lost - and I look forward to getting to know her more. 

Your work has helped me reach such deeper feelings of love and acceptance for myself in new ways that I couldn't have imagined and I'm seeing how that transcend out to share with others, truly beautiful.


I feel so empowered and independent in a far 'higher' way than ever before, this is exciting stuff!!!! My words are flowing more, and I experience more confidence in groups and with men. Thank you for the space you create so that women can master such a personal and somewhat intimidating area.

You have opened new doors for me – AMAZING WORK!!


- Jo -


"It's been the best investment of my life so far!!"


Working with Marianne helped me repair the relationship with myself and helped me to bring pleasure back into my life in all forms. And through that everything else is starting to come into place. I used to struggled so very much. I really lost my relationship with myself because I didn't think that I was enough by myself. I have now found my purpose in life, and I have fallen in love again! With someone that also shares all of these dreams and goals with me. 


To be honest this work has saved my life!!


– Renee – 


"I never expected my sessions with Marianne to have an impact on so many aspects of my life. Since starting on this special journey, my relationship with my husband has become stronger and more passionate."


The work with you has brought us both so much, not just me. My husband is so thrilled about how I have changed! I am more at ease with my own body and have learnt to listen to it. Being more at ease with myself and feeling stronger from within, has made me exude more positivity resulting in similar behavior and reactions from my immediate environment. The whole family is benefiting from my weekly sessions! Believing in myself has brought the most unexpected turn in my life, namely that I was offered my dream job. It proved to me that if we connect with ourselves and thereby the universe, only good things can come of it! The brand new me was always there within, but with the help of Marianne I finally gained the confidence I needed to show the world.


- Caroline -


"Working with Marianne really thought me to reconnect with my body and listen to what I want and what my desires and dream are." 


I was struggling with burnout triggered by health issues and a rather stressful job and years of not listening to my body. Marianne really thought me to get out of my head and into my body. I particularly enjoyed the breathwork that we did, which is something I still incorporate in my daily life when I am feeling anxious. The session made me feel very calm, empowered, joyful, and extremely connected!


– Mo – 

The Netherlands

Still not sure....

I would love to join the program, but the investment is too much for me.

Let me ask you: how much do you want to embody your empowered feminine? How badly do you want to embrace your bad-ass-next-level-self and stop living from your good-girl-conditioning?


I understand it's a big investment. What you will receive in return, is PRICELESS. That's why it's called an investment, rather than a cost: it's taking the step into bigness, your boldness, your bad-assness - letting yourself know that you are WORTH it.


Follow your inspiration, your desire, your dreams and acknowledging your fears and worries, but taking the next step nonetheless. The women that have gone before you, have experienced that taking this step is scary AF, but they took the step anyway. The result? It let them to embody the women they truly desired to be and it changed their life and relationships in ways they could never have predicted! This is powerful AF!!


What if it doesn't work for me?

The only person that is holding you back, is you. Only you can decide it is time. When you really choose to go for it, that's when the true deep long lasting transformation WILL become YOUR reality. As a woman, you are THAT powerful! Sometimes it's easier to keep yourself small, to stay in your familiar safe space. It is however, the old self or the painful environment. But do you really want to stay where you are at now? Or do you deeply desire to live from your bigness, boldness, bad-as-next-level-self?! The choice is yours.


I first need to discuss and ask permission from my partner.

It is super important to talk to your partner about your desires, and to tell him/her about the journey that you desire to invest in. How amazing would it be when you get the support and ecouragement to do this FOR YOU? But remember, this journey is an INVESTMENT in yourself. It is exiting AF to choose YOU. To fully say 'yes' to yourself and your soul, no matter your partners opinion. In truth it is an investment in your happiness. You feeling good within your own body. You feeling empowered as a woman. You KNOWING you are worthy to invest in yourself. The amazing thing about choosing purely for you, is that every aspect of your life will positively transform too. 

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