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 The Sensual Awakening Journey
Dicover and Claim the Power of Your Yoni and Sexual Energy. A Deep Self-Healing and Transformative Sensual Awakening Journey

Just Imagine...

Imagine a world where your self-pleasure practice is a sacred journey that not only brings you immense joy but also makes you radiate from within. Envision unlocking a treasure trove of powerful practices that unleash the untapped magic and potential within your body, liberating you from the constraints of societal expectations.

Picture yourself confidently stepping into a realm of self-healing, transformation, and fully embracing the power of your soft feminine essence, free from any traces of shame or guilt.


Dear sister, this is not just a fantasy—it's a reality within your grasp. You have the incredible opportunity to join my Yoni Magic Mastery program, a truly transformative journey. This course has already guided countless women in transforming their sexual pain, stress, and frustration into pure joy, pleasure, and sensual liberation. 

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Join us in the Yoni Magic Mastery program and unlock:
✨ Joy, pleasure, and confidence through powerful practices with the Yoni Egg.
✨ Feminine flow, sensual radiance, and renewed desire.
✨ Deepl connection and playfulness with your body and feel confident within.
✨ Connection to your sexual energy, cultivate your life force, and awakened feminine playfulness.
✨ Overall well-being, rejuvenation, and deep liberation.

Meet your Cosmic Orgasmic Pleasure Queen

Introducing Marianne van Katwijk, MSc, your Cosmic Orgasmic Pleasure Queen and a highly-trained Female Pleasure Expert. With a diverse range of qualifications, including Hypnotherapy, Psychology (NIP), and certification as a holistic Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, Marianne empowers women to awaken, explore, and express their sensual, sexual, and spiritual feminine energy. Her mission is to guide women towards confidently embracing their bodies and embracing a life filled with ease, joy, and pleasure.

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As one of the top 1% of holistic and Integrated Sexuality Coaches worldwide, Marianne offers her expertise as a professional hypnotherapist and psychologist, working with individuals and groups. Her extensive background in Social Psychology, Positive Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Solution-Based Coaching, SFH (Sexual Freedom Hypnosis), VITA Coaching, Gestalt Therapy, Vagus Nerve Work, Reiki & Energy Healing, and Solution-Focused Approach to Trauma sets her apart from the rest.
Having assisted hundreds of women worldwide on their journey to embrace their empowered femininity, Marianne brings a unique and captivating blend of hypnotic energy, psychological insights, and energy work to her sessions and courses. With her guidance, you can tap into your inner power and discover the profound transformation that comes from embracing your feminine essence.


What Do You Get in the

Yoni Magic Mastery Program?

  • Weekly Videos: Dive into each week's Yoni egg practice and gain a deeper understanding of the techniques (worth €220,-)

  • 7 Yoni Egg Practice Videos: Experience practices like Sensual Chi Kung, Healing practices, Weight Lifting & Energy Cultivation (worth €685,-)

  • 5 Sacred Shamanic Yoni Egg Rituals: Tap into the spiritual side of your femininity with powerful rituals (worth €480,-)

But that's not all!

We're including these Extra Super Bonuses:

  • Mindset Shifting Journal Prompts PDF: Adjust your limiting beliefs and embrace positive change (worth €45,-)

  • PDFs with Info and Resources: Access important references anytime (worth €49,-)

  • Yoni Egg eBook: A comprehensive reference book with additional practices (value €39,-)

  • Bonus Practices and Tools: Nurture your whole system with grounding practices and self-support tools (worth €595,-)

  • Q&A Live Recorded Sessions: Get answers to frequently asked questions (worth €542,-)

  • Mini Yoni Egg Practice Audio Recordings: Quick on-the-go practices (worth €285,-)

That's a Total Value of €2940,-

(excluding all the value you'll add to your life)

Your investment today: ONLY €499,-!!!!

Introducing: The Sensual Awakening Journey

Are you ready to unlock the incredible power within your body and tap into a realm of sensuality and self-discovery? Welcome to the Sensual Awakening Journey, a transformational course that will ignite your passion, release your inhibitions, and unleash a newfound confidence like never before. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating adventure through seven captivating weeks of exploration and empowerment.

Program Overview


Week 1: Energetic Sensitivity Building - Sensual Chi Kung Practice

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of energy flow as you discover the subtle sensations resonating within your own body. With focused attention, you will learn how to unleash the dynamic force within, clearing blockages and fears, and experiencing a profound sense of liberation.


Week 2: Unleash Your Sensual Potential - Basic Yoni-Egg & Pleasure Practice

Unveil the secrets of pleasure as you delve into the ancient art of yoni-egg practice. Awaken your senses and master the art of creating a personalized routine that will ignite your passion, enabling you to access pure bliss whenever you desire.


Week 3: Healing & De-armoring Practice - Reconnect with Your Feminine Power

Embrace a transformative journey of self-healing as we explore the obstacles that have hindered your connection with your feminine essence. Together, we will gently release emotional baggage, fears, and past traumas, enabling you to emerge as a revitalized and empowered version of yourself.


Week 4: Yoni Power & Yoni Nidra Practice - Embrace Divine Vitality


Unlock profound relaxation and empowerment through the dynamic fusion of yoni egg weightlifting and Yoni Nidra. Strengthen pelvic muscles, enhance circulation, and awaken a wellspring of vitality and journey into unparalleled tranquility. Embrace both practices to cultivate inner strength, harmony, and deep serenity. A perfect fusion for a transformative journey of empowerment.


Week 5: Unleash Your Inner Wild Woman - Womb Release Practice

Embark on a deep exploration of your yoni's immense power, intricately connected to your wild and primal self. By focusing on the sensations and energy within your womb space, you will harness this potent force, transforming it into a radiant embodiment of confidence.


Week 6: Sensual Magic & Great Goddess Practice - Ignite Your Divine Energy

Dive into the realm of sensual magic as you learn to channel your divine life force energy. Through the art of invocation, you will forge a profound connection with the great Goddess residing within you. Bask in a serene state of trust and experience a renewed zest for life.

Close up of a pink carnation on a blue b

Week 7: Energy O's & Sensual Confidence Practice - Embrace Your Inner Radiance


Master the art of harnessing orgasmic energy and witness the transformation it brings to your life. Exude confidence, allure, and liberation as you walk through life radiating from the core of your being. Unleash your full potential and revel in a world of pleasure, joy, and limitless possibilities.

Start this remarkable journey of self-discovery and sensual awakening. Are you ready to ignite your passion, embrace your inner goddess, and experience a life filled with pleasure and empowerment? Enroll now and let the Sensual Awakening Journey forever change the way you perceive yourself and the world around you.

Using a jade egg or yoni egg to feel fully alive, confident, and deeply connected to your sensual feminine self is not only possible, it is now also proven!!!


Research in neuroscience strongly suggests that “the vagina is not just a sex organ at all, but a powerful mediator of female confidence, creativity and the sense of the connections between things. The connection between the brain and vagina is seen as “a single system” in which the functioning of a female’s mind is shaped by sexual experience.

 – quote from Naomi Wolfs book Vagina - 


Froukje van der Velde, The Netherlands

"Through the Jade egg practice, I have learned to feel my body more and trust that feeling, instead of being in my head.


I noticed that my body has a voice too and I hear it now!

I have accessed a power that I recognized and experienced before but didn’t always knew how to get to. That power and energy is in my womb space and it’s the gentlest and lovingly soft energy I’ve ever felt!!

I feel like I have a toolkit now, how I can access my power, connect with my womb, my heart and drop down into ME. And I really love it, ME!"


Marilu Snyders,
South Africa

“I did the series of Yoni Egg sessions with Marianne and absolutely loved it – looked forward to the sessions every week! 

She holds a calm, loving, safe and tender space for this practice, which at times can go very deep.

The Yoni Egg practices gave me a really good sense of what is possible with a Yoni egg when it is used as a tool for sexual meditation practice.  

I felt like my feminine really had an opportunity to be nourished.


I now experience a much richer sense of orgasm, in ways that I haven’t experienced before, as well as a renewed sense of sacredness of sexuality.”


Deniz Balkan,

"After attending the Jade Egg Workshop with Marianne I realized that my orgasms got longer! That's the first thing I noticed.


Second of all I can tell you that I had a vaginal orgasm for the first time in my life!! :))

There is also another "feeling good" part. Since the day I started practicing with the Jade Egg I'm feeling much more serene and strong inside (morally and everything) it is like discovering and starting to use a semi-forgotten part of my power, of my own body.


I feel more whole. I feel more fulfilled."​

"It is a whole new dimension of feeling, not only in my Yoni... but also in my whole body AND spirit!" 


The program was very much fun, and playful, and a lot of beautiful amazing sensations!

- Bonka -


"When I first started I had so much pain. After the first session the pain was gone! I couldn't belief it!!"


I had pain when laying down, when going to the toilet not even to mention during sex. I was aftraid it would be like this for the rest of my life. But Mariannes program changed my life!

I released so much and I really got connected to my body!


- Sarah -



Payment Plans

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YES! Let's Go For It!

Are you ready to say

"YES, I am doing this! I am ready and all-in", to yourself, to this transformation?⁠

I am celebrating you dear sister! This option is for you.

One time payment:


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I want it slower

This plan is for the beautiful woman that likes to do things in small steps.

Choose this juicy plan to support yourself so you can join this powerful program with a calm nervous system.


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