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How I turned frustration into calmness

For many years, I was blaming others for what was happening in my body.

The gynecologist who had without real consent cut open my vgina when I was giving birth.

My partner for not understanding or listening to my body.

Society for being male orientated, and indoctrinating women to believe they are never good enough.

I felt so deeply frustrated with the fact that I knew I am a sensual s.xual powerful being, yet I experienced myself being;



dried up and

completely turned-off.

It wasn't until I started to religiously work on myself through the use of a Yoni egg, that I started to not only create compassion for myself but also for the people around of me.

The moment I could feel and experience this new level of compassion for myself is when I was able to transform my experience of;

diminished sexual sensations,

vaginal dryness,

discomfort during sex, and

feeling broken as a woman.

The Yoni egg, a stone in the shape of a small egg that you insert inside the vgina canal, helped me resolve all of that and connected me to my self-compassion!!

The work I did with this yoni egg created a sxual self-discovery playground in which I had tools to;

purge the shit I had held on to for so long;

de-armor my whole yoni;

help it release all the stuck tension;

open up to the subtle sensations of pleasure in my own body (which seemed to have been there dormant all along!!)

The practices I created myself to play with the Yoni egg, became the most powerful downloads I received from the Divine.

That's exactly why I created a course in with all the amazing practices and rituals that you too can do with a yoni egg to feel safe to surrender your body so that you can allow your sensual luscious energy sensations to move through your body.

Send me a message if you are interested to work with me :)


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