Are you feeling exhausted, stressed out and disconnected from your feminine flow and pleasure?

It might be time to reconnect and tap into the powers of your vagina! 

YES! I am ready to feel more pleasure & inner power!

Using a jade egg or yoni egg to feel fully alive, confident, and deeply connected to your sensual feminine self is not only possible, it is now also proven!!!


Research in neuroscience strongly suggests that “the vagina is not just a sex organ at all, but a powerful mediator of female confidence, creativity and the sense of the connections between things. The connection between the brain and vagina is seen as “a single system” in which the functioning of a female’s mind is shaped by sexual experience.

 – quote from Naomi Wolfs book Vagina - 

  • Feel really alive and confident in your whole body and in your own abilities and worthiness

  • Experiencing the sensation of melting open into surrender, relaxation and softness and experience inner freedom

  • Feel connected to your inner power and the ability to speak your truth

  • Feel safe to surrender your body to allow sensual luscious energy sensations to move through your body

  • Experience your playful joyous

      essence that gives you pleasure

      in life

  • ​​Embody the power and magic to fully live your dreams and desires

  • Experience a true intimate connection to yourself, your partner and life

  • Remove your stuck emotions, blocks, traumas and experience deep intmacy with your feminine self!

  • Live from a place where you feel an everyday connection to the divine, so you don’t need to constantly suffer or think you need to be fixed

  • Accept yourself as you are, and accept your own body as it is and truly love yourself

small jade egg cherry blossom_edited.png

How will we get to self-healing, transformation, and embodying your powerful soft feminine self?

Through the use of the beautiful tool:

 The Jade Egg or Yoni Egg .

The Yoni Egg is like a sensual liberation super tool for women who are ready to open up to their feminine spiritual powers!


Jade egg is a sacred energy cultivation practice created by women, for women, to increase feminine flow and desire, create confidence, playfulness, aliveness and connection in your body. These practices creates an overal sense of wellbeing and deep liberation and freedom. 

Who is this for:

For women who want to discover their own feminine sexual body, and heighten their sexual sensations and expand their orgasmic experience


For women who want to experience more sensations after childbirth. Especially after undergoing an episiotomy when they experience diminished sexual sensations which is due to severity to the sexual nerve system.


For women going into menopause who experience a wide variety of menopausal symptoms (such as vaginal dryness, discomfort during sex, reduced sexual drive, low mood or anxiety) and want to experience their menstruation free live as their ‘second spring’


There is absolutely no age limit to work with the Jade egg. It is an amazing tool for young women to get to know their own body and for elder women to keep promoting their bodies vitality and youthful inner glow.


Who is it NOT for:

This is NOT for pregnant women as there is no clear research if working with a jade egg while pregnant influences the hormones and/or could create early labor. Just to be safe DON’T use the jade egg while pregnant. However, the jade egg is AMAZING to use a few months AFTER giving birth, to help restore the sexual nerve system and strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. 

7 weeks of magical rituals
For women who want to reconnect to their femininity regularly for themselves by themselves.

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Why should you put a jade stone egg up your vagina? And is it truly safe?

If we use pads and tampons with dioxins & furans, pesticide residues, plastic & plasticizers, that in long term use is linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, allergies, and reproductive toxicity. We use mooncups. And also the dildo’s and vibrators which are made of all kinds of different plastic material that we use without any question, then why not use a small egg shape tool made out of 100% nephrite jade?!


Why Nephrite Jade for Yoni egg:

Jade is used as a powerful healing stone. Especially Nephrite jade which is a healing stone that helps amplify body’s natural self-healing capacity. 


Nephrite Jade is one of the only gemstones which has a tightly packed interwoven fibrous structure that makes it very tough, strong and dense, preventing any harmful impurities and bacteria from diffusing inside. 


Nephrite jade is heavier than most stones because of its tightly packed structure. This makes it a perfect choice as yoni egg. Also, Nephrite is very hard, even harder than steel.



Where the hell do you even get an egg like this?

You can get a Nephrite Jade egg here on my website in the shop section. Also if you sign up for this course through the pay in full option, I will personally send you a Nephrite jade egg to your home as a bonus gift!

Are you ready for the NEW yoga?!




and the YONI EGG is your BEST YOGA PROP!!



Is this you? -->

  • Have you been super curious about or own a Yoni Egg but don't know what to do with it?

  • Do you wish to train your pelvic floor muscles in a more holistic way than just boring kegels?

  • Desire to know practices that allow you to embrace all parts of you, instead of by passing them?

  • Want to open yourself on a spiritual level in a down to earth way?

  • Do you feel shut down from your feminine flow and desire to feel connected to your feminine soft power again?

Imagine if you could:

  • Fully connect, enjoy and know your own body! 

  • Feel empowered, free and able to surrender into your feminine powers!

  • Learn to trust the intuition and wisdom of you own body!

  • Be confident in your feminine flow and own your feminine powers!

  • Experience deep profound bliss, turn-on & pleasure in your own body by yourself FOR yourself!

  • Learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to turn your yoni egg practice and meditation into your new spiritual yoga practice!

  • Cultivate & play with your life force energy (Kundalini)!

  • Be a master of the art of feminine energy cultivation!

The best news is: you can!

During the course of 7 weeks, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the yoni egg.


You’ll enter a deeper level with your inner power and you’ll discover the spiritual side of your sacred feminine energy. Your inner female power. 

With the yoni egg you train the muscles of your pelvic floor to release tension and soften trauma.


In addition, you create more awareness of your body, sensations, and your own life force energy – the power of your feminine essence.


Giving you the experience of ultimate liberation and freedom within yourself!


  • Weekly Introduction Videos (value €220,-)

  • 7 Yoni Egg Practice videos, including practices such as Sensual Chi KungHealing practicesWeight Lifting & Energy cultivation (value €585,-)

  • 5 Sacred Shamanic Yoni Egg Rituals (value €560,-)

  • PDF's with all the info and resources you need (value €29,-)

  • Yoni Egg eBook (value €19,-)


  • Lots of bonus practices and extra tools (worth €575,-)

  • Q&A-live recorded sessions (6 recordings) answerin the question that cover frequently asked questions (worth €542,-)

  • Mini Yoni Egg Practice audio recordings for you want a quick on-the-go practice (worth €275,-)

As an extra super bonus: 

A Voxer (similar to WhatsApp) group to ask any questions, share your experiences or uncertainties that come up during your 7-week course container (worth €925,-)

Everything we do in the Yoni Magic Mastery course is customized to help you step into your powerful, magnetic, super confident feminine self.

That's a Total Value of €3730,-

(excluding all the value you'll add to your life)

Your investment today: ONLY €499,-!!!!

Payment plans

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YES! Let's Go For It!


Are you ready to say

"YES, I am doing this! I am ready and all-in", to yourself, to this transformation?⁠

I am celebrating you dear sister! This option is for you.

(pay in full bonus: 1 Nephrite Jade egg)

One time payment:


Ontwerp zonder titel-18.jpg

I want it slower

This plan is for the beautiful woman that likes to do things in small steps.

Choose this juicy plan to support yourself so you can join this powerful program with a calm nervous system.


4 payments of




Week 1

Energetic Sensitivity Building - Sensual Chi Kung Practice

You lay the foundation for the coming weeks. Discovering the subtle sensations in your body, and how with your attention you can let the energy flow and move within your body.

Week 2

Basic Yoni-egg & Pleasure Practice

You learn how to use the egg and how to create a basic routine that you can fall back on at any time.

Week 3

Healing & De-armoring Practice

We explore everything that prevents you from connecting with your feminine power such as emotions, fear, trauma, conditioning, old loves, candida etc.

Week 4

Yoni power & Yoni Nidra Practice 

With Yoni Nidra you learn how to relax deeply. With the weight of the jade egg, you train the pelvic floor muscles, strengthen and stimulate blood circulation for more vitality.

Week 5

Wild Woman & Womb Release Practice

We go deeper into the power of your yoni that is connected to your wild primal self. We focus on the sensations and the power in your womb space.

Week 6

Sensual Magic & Great Goddess Practice

Learn how to focus on your divine life force energy and how to turn this superpower into action. You learn the art of invocation to make a deep connection with the great Goddess within yourself.​

Week 7

Energy O's & Sensual Confidence Practice

Master the art of filling yourself with orgasmic energy. Walk through life with confidence and feel sexy, powerful and free.


Froukje van der Velde, The Netherlands

"Through the Jade egg practice, I have learned to feel my body more and trust that feeling, instead of being in my head.


I noticed that my body has a voice too and I hear it now!

I have accessed a power that I recognized and experienced before but didn’t always knew how to get to. That power and energy is in my womb space and it’s the gentlest and lovingly soft energy I’ve ever felt!!

I feel like I have a toolkit now, how I can access my power, connect with my womb, my heart and drop down into ME. And I really love it, ME!"


Marilu Snyders, South Africa

“I did the series of Yoni Egg sessions with Marianne and absolutely loved it – looked forward to the sessions every week! 

She holds a calm, loving, safe and tender space for this practice, which at times can go very deep.

The Yoni Egg practices gave me a really good sense of what is possible with a Yoni egg when it is used as a tool for sexual meditation practice.  

I felt like my feminine really had an opportunity to be nourished.


I now experience a much richer sense of orgasm, in ways that I haven’t experienced before, as well as a renewed sense of sacredness of sexuality.”


Deniz Balkan, Turkey

"After attending the Jade Egg Workshop with Marianne I realized that my orgasms got longer! That's the first thing I noticed.


Second of all I can tell you that I had a vaginal orgasm for the first time in my life!! :))

There is also another "feeling good" part. Since the day I started practicing with the Jade Egg I'm feeling much more serene and strong inside (morally and everything) it is like discovering and starting to use a semi-forgotten part of my power, of my own body.


I feel more whole. I feel more fulfilled."​

"It is a whole new dimension of feeling, not only in my Yoni... but also in my whole body AND spirit!" 


The program was very much fun, and playful, and a lot of beautiful amazing sensations!

- Bonka -


"When I first started I had so much pain. After the first session the pain was gone! I couldn't belief it!!"


I had pain when laying down, when going to the toilet not even to mention during sex. I was aftraid it would be like this for the rest of my life. But Mariannes program changed my life!

I released so much and I really got connected to my body!


- Sarah -


Ontwerp zonder titel-21.jpg

YES! Let's Go For It!


Are you ready to say

"YES, I am doing this! I am ready and all-in", to yourself, to this transformation?⁠

I am celebrating you dear sister! This option is for you.

(pay in full bonus: 1 Nephrite Jade egg)

One time payment:


Ontwerp zonder titel-18.jpg

I want it slower

This plan is for the beautiful woman that likes to do things in small steps.

Choose this juicy plan to support yourself so you can join this powerful program with a calm nervous system.

4 payments of


Frequently asked questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts when you sign up and you have lifetime access (as long as it's being offered). It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. It is paced out over 7 weeks, but you can complete it at your own convenience.

I'm quite busy right now. Can I do the course my own pace?

Yes. You will have access to the materials for ever. You can absolutely go at your own pace, or follow the pace of the online structure, which will be one module per week. Many women who buy this course keep coming back to the practices over and over, again and again, when they feel they want to play with their jade egg again and have guidance during their practices.

How much time do I need to complete this program?

Watching the video content + following the guided yoni egg practice will require about 2 - 3 hours of your undiveded focus and attention. You can choose to repeat the 1 hour full length yoni egg practice a few times each week, or if you lack the time you can choose to do the short audio version which will take between 15 to 20 minutes. I highly recommend doing each practice at least 3 times.

I am really interested in the yoni egg, but I feel afraid too?

Hey sister I see you. You are not alone! So many women feel both a sense of excitement and fear for beginning of this process. But fear not...you will start the course with working with your energy first, before you start with the yoni egg. Also, I will guide you on how to truly listen to your body and to respect your own boundaries. You will only work with the egg when your body is truly READY for it! And receiving it will be naturally and gentle.
The Yoni egg journey is amazing because it meets you where you're at and you can go as slowly or fast as your body want. If you’re unsure of whether this course is right for you, please email me at unleashyourwildness@gmail.com so I can support you in making a decision that feels good for YOU.

Is there any support for when I feel stuck or when something comes up?

You are never alone dear Goddess! You can ALWAYS reach out to me if you have a question. Also included in this course is 7 weeks of Voxer app access to me! A special suport bonus on this journey. Through the Vover app (similar to WhatsApp) you can share you questions, your celebrations, your experience and/or uncertainties. The beauty of this way of support is that you get to ask questions when it feels best for you!

I am a complete beginner, will this course be to much for me?

No - I've designed this course to be appropriate for women with no yoni egg experience as well as women with existing practices. There will also be many bonus practices you can do without the yoni egg to connect you to your body, sensations and energy on a deeper level. The first two modules plus all the bonus - course material is amazing for women who are just beginning.

How can I be sure that this will work for me?

This is such a normal fear to have. Yet, this course have worked miracles for women from all corners of the world! Of course you will have to show up and do the work! But if you dedicate yourself to this course for 7 weeks, and you have made the commitment with yourself, and are devoted to do the pracrtices, you will be absolutely amazed with the results! Of course if you have gone through all the content and have done all the practices, and you still feel like nothing has changed, then you are welcome to contact me for a refund.

I've been working with the yoni egg for a while. Will this course still benefit me and offer me something new?

Oh my goddess sister, yeehhhh FOR SURE!! You not only get to play with different yoni egg practices, you also get to be initiated into the Shamanic side of the yoni egg. You will receive super unique and powerful Sacred Shamanic Egg Rituals, that every advanced yoni egg practioner should get their hands on!! No where else you can find these rituals as they have been downloads I personally received from the divine. And oh my goddess are they powerful and magical AF!

Is a yoni egg included in the course?

No it is not. If you don't have your own yoni egg yet the you may purchase a jade egg from me, you can find it HERE or you can email me: unleashyourwildness@gmail.com. The eggs I sell are all 100% Nephrite Jade eggs. Certified jade eggs from Canada. However, if you buy the course through the pay in full option, I will send you a jade egg as a bonus gift!!

A little bit about me

Hi dear sister. I am so excited to see you here on this page! I want you to know I have been in the same places as you. Feeling completely exhausted, depleted, disconnected from myself and my feminine flow and power.


After receiving my Social Psychology Master I went on a journey to bring all the pieces of the puzzel in my life together. Which brought me to my deepest core, re-connecting to my feminine power, my feminine flow and feminine life force energy,


I took a deep dive into the spiritual side of being a woman – something that’s always been important for me ever since I’ve had spontaneous Shamanic initiations as a child and adult. 

I combined this with knowledge I soaked up while traveling all the continents of the world. Integrating the deeper wisdom of the different religions and sacred practices. Meditation, Tantra, Taoism, Reiki, Energy Clearing, Energy Healing, VITA coaching. Combining it my my background in Positive and Social Psychology, Solutiona Based Coaching, and a Solution-Focused Approach to Trauma … It all blends in together.

Mixing all these elements together, with a dash of my own personality, I created a Feminine Healing Therapy Methodology for women. This is deep Feminine Empowerment Coaching and a powerful Spiritual Liberation Journey.


I’ve helped hundreds of women worldwide on their journey to feel embodied in their own empowered feminine. In my sessions and courses, you will meet the unique shamanic energy force that I am combining with my background in psychology.


Here’s your chance to discover a pleasure filled life.

Life is thriving when you are living from your feminine power.

Are you ready to discover your inner goddess?

Ontwerp zonder titel-21.jpg

YES! Let's Go For It!


Are you ready to say

"YES, I am doing this! I am ready and all-in", to yourself, to this transformation?⁠

I am celebrating you dear sister! This option is for you.

(pay in full bonus: 1 Nephrite Jade egg)

One time payment:


Ontwerp zonder titel-18.jpg

I want it slower


This plan is for the beautiful woman that likes to do things in small steps.

Choose this juicy plan to support yourself so you can join this powerful program with a calm nervous system.

4 payments of