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Marianne van Katwijk, Yoni Yoga, Sexual Healing Therapy, Embody Feminine Power

The Orgasmic Alchemy Code


Release old, stuck trauma

to finally experience

true freedom and

mind-blowing pleasure

in your sexuality and life

The Art  of Embodying the Pleasure Code Blueprint

For spiritual high-achieving women

Scroll down to discover

"To every woman who still experiences a threshold of fear to join the Group Coaching Program I would say DO IT !!

It may seem very scary but it is so COOL!!"


This program goes way beyond sexuality and it is so nice to give yourself this present!

I felt it goes much deeper than sexuality. I went through different layers of myself. You share your vulnerability with other women, and also celebrate your victories. 

These exercises gave me a breeding ground on which I got stronger and increasingly came more and more into my feminine power. It is really much more than sexuality that develops, but of course that also happens, but it goes much further. It is really about; who do I want to be, what do I stand for, when I really am in my feminine power?


- Maartje -

The Netherlands

Ultimate freedom in your sexuality and life. Become the WOMAN who embodies her natural 

Do you:   

❤ Wish you could be more free, alive, fulfilled, turned-on?

❤ Feel frozen, disconnected, or shut down in your body, life, relationships, or career?

❤ Struggle with regulating your emotions?


❤ Ever struggled with your sexuality?

❤ Secretly feel sex is a burden?​

❤ Find it neither truly pleasing, enjoyable, nor safe?

❤ Feel shut down as a sexual being?​

❤ Experience low self-confidence and feeling unsexy?

Imagine if you could:

❤ Experience your sensuality & sexuality as your secret super power!

❤ Fully connect, enjoy and know your own body!

❤ Feel empowered, free and able to surrender!

❤ Learn to trust your intuition and wisdom!

❤ Be joyfilled, powerful, magnetic, super confident, and feel totally liberated!

❤ Experience a deep connection with yourself!

❤ Experience deep profound bliss, turn-on & pleasure in your own body by yourself FOR yourself! 

❤ Experience deep intimacy in your relationships!

❤ Learn about Magic & Sacred Practices! 

❤ Receive initiations into Ancient Feminine Mysteries!

❤ Receive the transmission of the Priestess of Pleasure!

❤ Work and play with your sexual life force energy (Kundalini)!

❤ Be a master of the art of sexual energy cultivation!

Your body is made to experience pleasure, and your natural feminine blueprint is turn-on!​

Your sensuality and sexuality is the key to your secret superpower! 


Everything you ever desired can be found inside of you, you just have to learn how to activate and unleash your natural wild feminine nature.

That's why I created the


so you can receive the Sacred Initiation of the Pleasure Priestess.​

Hey! I am Marianne van Katwijk founder of Unleash Your Wildness - Yoni Magic.


I have been helping hundreds of women wake up to the power of their womb and embodying the magic of their yoni (vagina/vulva/cervix), so that they can let their secret sensual superpowers positively affect all aspects of their life.


Doing my soulwork since 2016 and I'm here to share one of my most powerful programs with you!

I am a sexual empowerment psychologist and coach specialized in female pleasure.

With a master's degree in Psychology AND a certification as Sex, Love & Relationship Coach in the pocket, I am among the top 1% of holistic and integrated sexuality coaches in the world. Working with both individuals and groups.

pleasure priestess, yoni shaman, sacred initiation, feminine power, empowered feminine, sexual healing, sex coaching, yoni egg, jade egg, yoni yoga



 💛 Weekly LIVE online masterclasses and group Q&A sessions 

(value €2395,-)

 What will we do during the masterclasses:

  • ​Sacred Initiations

  • Breath Work

  • Self-Love Practices

  • Secret Self-Pleasure Rituals

  • Trauma Healing

  • Deep Inner Inquiry Work

  • Energy Cultivation

  • I will be answering all your questions

  • and much more…​​


💛 Weekly deep inner inquiry Mindset Shifting Practices

(value €499,-) 

💛 Weekly support practices & meditations (value €2200,-)

💛 Sisterhood Community through a private Facebook-group (value €975,-)

💛 Weekly personal Voxer contact with Marianne for questions (value €1950,-)

Kopie van Course Mockup Templates.png


 💛 A 100% Nephrite Jade Egg (value €85,-)

The Jade Yoni Egg is THE BEST feminine awakening tool there is! 

A very sensual and powerful tool that can help you heal sexual trauma, awaken inner yoni sensitivity, enhance your sensations of pleasure, and bring you ecstatic divine orgasms.


💛 Glass Healing Wand (value €68,-)

This wand is PURE MAGIC, bringing deep healing, releasing tension, and bringing down the layers of armor that can be stored inside your yoni. As this wand is pretty long it is perfect to reach your cervix and soften and awaken the sexual life force energy that is stored in this organ. Aligning you for deep divine mind-blowing orgasms.


💛 Giftbox full of surprises (value €75,-) 

Divine surprise gifts to help you on your journey to surrender into your secret sensual superpowers.

💛 Yoni Egg Guide & Practice eBook (€37,-)

This eBook is your guide to start your yoni egg practice. All you need to know about how to use it, how to clean it, how to insert it, what to do with it and more. Also contains powerful practices to work with your energy.

Kopie van Zonder titel-2.jpg
achtergrond sacred sex.jpg

Access to the Secret Feminine Vault 
This secret feminine pleasure practice vault is filled with more than 30 bonus sessions. It includes video recordings, audio recordings and pdf-froms. The BEST rituals and practices are taken from the follwing programs:

 💛 Live a Turned on Live Program (value €1250,-)

The practices and pdf's selected from this program are aimed at helping your to step out of and transforming the physical and emotional pain in your yoni. Transform the numbness, frozen feelings and disconnection you experience in your sexuality and life. And instead start choosing, being and experiencing sensual confidence, aliveness, peace, stillness, softness, power, pleasure, and ultimately what I call the Cosmic Orgasmic Vibration of the Divine.


💛 The Yoni Yoga Sequence Course(value €375,-)

Yoni Yoga classes to strengthen your pelvic and vaginal muscles.

You will receive some of the pr-recorded Yoni Yoga classes. These classes are created to strengthen your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles and to connect to the sensations in your cervix & womb. Through these practices you can reach your orgasmic potential, awaken your female sexuality and embody your sensual essence. Deeply connecting you to your body, sensuality, sexuality, life-force energy and your feminine power essence that is stored in your Yoni.

💛 Oh MY!...Magic Course (value €175,-) 

The audio practices selected from this course are foccusing on how to use your life force energy to manifest your dreams and desires. That which is also within you. It is about expanding your consciousness, and keep expanding vision about your desire, and keep expanding that dream. Bringing your energetic vibration on a higher level. Learning to surrender to the power of the universe, the wisdom of the universe, the energy, the creative energy of the universe.

💛 Sacred Love Course (€225,-)

You will get FULL access to this complete course! Sacred Love Course is a guided Meditation Experience into bliss, ecstasy, and inner feminine flow. Guided Meditation Practices to overcome common blocks like shame, unworthiness, or feeling broken in order to activate your innate sensual glow and heighten your soul’s magnetism so that you effortlessly attract all that you desire within yourself, your partner and other meaningful relationships.

💛 The Pleasure Temple (value €2395,-)

​The practices selected from this program are focused on getting you to play with pleasure and connect to your inner feminine softness. Ignite your sensual bliss. Embody your feminine wholeness the autenthic playful fun way and with loads of rituals and mystical initiations.

Kopie van Course Mockup Templates-2.png

The TOTAL VALUE of this program is


but you can get access to

Awaken Your Secret Sensual Superpower


the Bonus Gifts


the Secret Feminine Vault

With more than 84% discount!!

You can now join for just €2000,-


Sarah Jasmina, Marocco

"Your course changed my life!


When I look back from where we started and the journey we walked together, the process from the immense pain I had to now being WILD and FREE in my sexuality AND personality!


I am so grateful for what you've taught me.


I can now clearly say no when I feel a no, I feel so much more self-confident and sexy,


I'm not shy to show my femininity and sexiness to the world anymore which is a greeaaaat feeling!!


There is still allot to learn but I have reached so much already and it’s because of your guidance!! 




Maartje, The Netherlands

"Through this group program I learned to play with my soft feminine energy and really apply it as a daily practice now. I now know how to access the power of my feminine energy.


I discovered there is a lot of subtle sensitive feelings and sensations. I am no longer focused on a peak orgasm, but can now go into a state where I can even get a full body orgasm!! Which is a very different experience!!


This whole journey of discovery goes way beyond sexuality. 

I have not only started to enjoy more my sensuality but I also

have embraced the feminine soft energy inside of myself!


2018 Michaela-VA.jpg

Michaela French, UK

"I am 51 years old, I’m going through menopause and I am definitely not ready to become the version of the older woman our society advocates.


Marianne’s program helped me to stand truly confident in the strength of my feminine self.

It opened me up to my body in ways beyond my expectations and beyond any previous experiences. It was a journey of discovery in which I found my strength, and found my way back to myself. I learned to trust my own wisdom, my sensuality and my femininity.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Marianne, to learn from her and find ways to love myself unconditionally and to trust myself to be the powerful woman that I know I am. 

Thank you Marianne, for your beautiful work!


"It has been really fun to learn to know what self-pleasure is, because before I was like, I don’t know what to do, and what I like. So, having someone guide me through has been really cool."


My biggest struggle was being seen, and being vulnerable, and the big wall I had built up, and I was not stepping into my full power. I really got a better understanding, for myself and in partnership, what I like and I also developed a sense of respect, love and self-worth in my body.


 – Jordann – 


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