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A sensual self-loving practice developed for women who want to feel deeply connected to their body, sexuality, and their FEMININE POWER that is stored in their YONI.



Unleash your inner feminine blueprint by connecting to the sensations in your Yoni. Through gentle breath work, meditative movement and focused attention you will find your sensual flow. 

This practice ignites your inner world of pleasure & turn-on, awaken your feminine power, and unleash your sensual joy.

Come play with your feminine energy and let it empower you - choose you. 


Learn how to focus on your inner world of sensations: let yourself feel filled up with love, joy, energy, sensuality, softness and pleasure.

It is time for you to experience your feminine wholeness.

2 months LIVE Online Yoni Yoga




access to the

Yoni Yoga Sequence Online Course

8 pre-recorded Yoni Yoga practices


What will you get?

  • Bi-weekly online LIVE class;

  • Gentle Breathwork practices;

  • Gentle body movement exercises;

  • Connecting to your Yoni and sexual energy through sensing & visualisation;

  • Deep relaxation;

  • Working with your pelvic floor muscles;

  • Working with your yoni muscles.


Classes will be done via Zoom, and will be with clothes on. The classes are just like a regular yoga class so SIGN UP = SHOW UP! There is no recording and no refund.


The Yoni Yoga Sequence Online Course (8 pre-recorded Yoni Yoga practices)


Who is your Yoni Yoga Guide?

Marianne van Katwijk, Unleash Your Wildness, Yoni Yoga, Yoni magic

" Hi, my name is Marianne van Katwijk, Mac. 

I am a sexual empowerment psychologist for women. I help women to unleash their inner wild feminine nature. So, they can feel confident, fierce & strong, yet filled with love, calmness, and joy. Allowing their feminine power to positively influence every aspect of their life." 


Marianne van Katwijk is a highly trained and certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach & Psychologist(NIP). 

She is one of the top 1% of holistic and Integrated Sexuality Coaches in the world, and works as a professional coach with individuals and groups. 


She has a background in Social Psychology, Positive Psychology, Solution Based Coaching, Gestalt Therapy, Reiki & Energy Healing and Solution-Focused Approach to Trauma. She is a Jade-Egg Expert and a Sacred Sex Magic Shaman.

Marianne van Katwijk, Unleash Your Wildness, Yoni Yoga, Yoni Magic
Marianne van Katwijk, Unleash Your wildness, yoni yoga
Yoni Yoga, marianne van katwijk, unleash your wildness
Yoni Yoga, Whimn, Unleash Your Wildness, Yoni Magic
Yoni Yoga review

Women from around the world join my online classes 

and this is what they say:

Elfriede van der Sanden

The Netherlands

I really realy love Marianne's Yoni Yoga classes.


It is like something magical is happening to me during in her class. Like my whole body starts to open up, and my body starts to heal.


Releases start to happen, and I come into this flow of pleasure and healing.

And it all feels so effortlessly, so naturally. I feel so grateful to have found her classes! They give me so much!

The class doesnt even feel like a practice, it is so pleasurable and at the same time so much healing!


A loving letter from 



Yoni Yoga Amsterdam

Hi Marianne,


That's a long time since we saw each other. I have truly missed taking Yoni Yoga classes with you at Rasa Lila.... but life got very busy, because in the mean-time I have been truly blessed with the gift of my second child, my amazing daughter!


In fact, taking your classes was a big part of the healing that I needed before I could receive my daughter. I want to take a moment to share my gratitude with you - I would like you to know that I have used the practices you taught in your classes so often and they have had a huge impact on my life! 


I was very blocked by the birth-trauma I experienced with my first child, and I needed to reconnect to my body, to myself, to my power, and to the universe before I could receive my daughter - and it really paid off because my biggest wish came true, and now my daughter is here every day to share this woman's journey with me!

Jolijn, Entrepeneur

The Netherlands

I feel I am more in my body, I have improved my energy AND my sex life.

Marianne makes you really feel comfortable in your own sensuality and sexuality. Celebrating every subtle sensation until it becomes obvious sensations!

I feel centered, grounded, happy, feminine and really in my body without any stress.

Schermafbeelding 2021-03-07 om 21.00.49.

India, Author



I have learned a lot about my own body, and how my own body is a healing conduit.


It is wonderful to work with Marianne as she has a very relaxing voice, and gives practical information that helps to amplify transformation.

After working with Marianne I am able to empower myself and get more in balance. I am now fully in touch with my body and my feminine essence.

Schermafbeelding 2021-03-07 om 21.00.49.

Sabrina, Graphic Designer


I have become so much more

aware of myself after working

with Marianne, I feel much lighter.

Breathing is more important now

and I can handle my feelings



I feel fully in touch with my body,

my emotions, my sensations.

I feel a deep self-love now.

Schermafbeelding 2021-03-07 om 21.00.49.
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