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This retreat is a combination of self defense and the inner feminine magic. It will give you intense aliveness, as we introduce you to the Wonder Woman inside of you. She is a warrior but comes from soft power. Her heart is filled with love, kindness and passion but she is willing to fight to protect what’s dear to her. She is in balance with her own darkness and light so she knows her own worth and power. You’ll learn to activate the actual power of your inner magic as well as real fighting skills to protect your boundaries. After this workshop you will know the Wonder Woman inside of you and that she will always be there. 

Empathy Points

Strong statement describing their current


(Is this how you feel now? / Have you ever

experienced this problem? / Are you tired of…?,


3 - 5 sentences / bullet points about their current situation to help your readers see

that you understand where they are. You can empathize with them. You understand

what they want/need.


Strong statement describing the outcome

that they want

(Imagine the Possibility / The outcome you

want is possible for you / How would it feel


3-5 sentences / bullet points about what life will look like after using your offer

(what’s the future outcome that they want?)

This is what your life could look like if your problem was solved...

You want these things to be true for you...

Transition to Offer

Encouraging sentence instilling a belief that the

“Possibility” is possible.

(You can make the change you want to experience / This

can be your reality / What you want is within your reach)

3 - 5 sentences explaining why/how they can experience the change they want. The

purpose of this section is to set up to introduce your offer in the next section.

Introduce the Offer

Name of the offer


1-2 paragraphs explaining what the offer is with an emphasis on benefits.

Call To Action


Offer Details

Breakdown of Features

(Here’s everything you get… / You can expect… / Inside

you’ll find…)

Bulleted list of all the things included in your offer (combine benefits and features


● Cool thing that’s included that will help you X

● Cool thing that’s will make it easier than ever before to Y

● # Cool things to make Z result possible

● Extra Cool thing that’s included

● Another Cool thing that’s included

The Framework

Explain the process/framework

(Just follow the step by step process... / You’ll be guided

along every step of the way... / Here’s what to expect:)

Explain your course modules, framework for getting results, phases of program, or

steps in the process. This will be a long section with a brief description of each

module/phase/step in the process.

The Bonuses (If Applicable)

Present the Bonuses

(You’ll also get access to these bonuses /In case you

needed more convincing... / Did someone say bonuses?)

Present your bonuses and include a brief description of each one.


Pricing / How to Purchase

Strong, Benefits-Driven Call to Action Statement

(Stop [Empathy Point] and start [Possibility] with [Offer

Name] / Your [Possibility] Journey begins today! / Now is

the perfect time to start [Possibility])

Recap of everything that’s included in the offer (bulleted list)

Explanation of different tiers (if applicable)

Present the pricing options

Opportunity Cost

Explain why NOW is the time to take action

(How much are you missing out on by NOT taking action?

/ You know it’s time to make a change / [Possibility] starts


Explain the importance of acting now in 3-5 sentences: If you don’t act now, you risk…

which will make the problem you’re experiencing even worse.


Alternative: explain the other products/services/options out there for creating a

similar outcome, and show why your offer is the best choice.


About/Bio Section

Introduce yourself/your company

(Hi, I’m [Name]/We’re [Company] / We created this just for

you / You’re in good hands…)

1-2 paragraphs introducing yourself and explaining why you are uniquely qualified to

help your ideal client through this offer.


Present your Guarantee/Refund Opportunity

(Get started with zero risk! /100% Money Back Guarantee /

Your journey to [Possibility] is completely risk-free)

Paragraph explaining your guarantee, how it works, and how it benefits the client.


Ideal Client “Self-Identification”

Explain who is/isn’t a good fit for your offer:

(Is [Offer] right for you? / Make sure it’s a good fit / [Offer]

was created for you if you can’t get through this list

without nodding your head.)

Offer is right for you if….

● 3-5 bullet points

Offer might not be for you if…

● 3-5 bullet points


Recap of Offer Details

Reminder of what’s included in your offer

(Here’s a recap of everything included in [Offer] / You’ll

have everything you need to [Possibility])

Recap of everything that’s included in the offer (bulleted list)

Explanation of different tiers (if applicable)

Present the pricing options

Frequently Asked Questions

Present the FAQs

(FAQs: / Answers to all of your questions about [Offer] /

Got Questions? We’ve got answers!)

5-10 FAQs + answers

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