✽ Have you ever struggled with your sexuality?

✽ Do you wish you were feeling more free, alive, fulfilled, turned-on?

✽ Do you secretly feel sex is a burden?

✽ Are you not feeling FREE?

✽ Finding it neither truly pleasing, enjoyable, nor safe?

✽ Do you feel shut down as a sexual being?​

✽ And do you wish you could fully trust and enjoy your own body? 

✽ Would you love to know your own body?

✽ Do you dream of feeling empowered, free and able to surrender?

​✽ Do you have times were you feel anxious and taken out of your sexual confidence and feminine power?

✽ Would you do anything to experience deep profound bliss, turn-on & pleasure in your own body by yourself FOR yourself?


The best news is that you too can feel and be confident, empowered, free, turned-on and fulfilled!! Your body is made to experience pleasure, and your natural feminine blueprint is turn-on!!

And everything you ever desired can be found inside of you!!


You just have to learn how to activate and unleash your natural wild feminine nature!

That's why I created The Pleasure Temple, so you can receive the Sacred Initiation of the Pleasure Priestess! 

You too have been called to enter The Temple.





Because it will the BEST investment you ever made!!!
4 months of power AF online group program that will change your life for ever!!


 This is for you if you wish to:

Deeply connect to your own body.

Open and trust your own body.

Learn to surrender to the flow of the feminine.

Embody your authentic sexual sensual energy.

Connect with the Mysteries of the Feminine.

Step into deep sensual tranformation.

Receive the transmission of the Priestess of Pleasure.

Awaken, unleash and embody your wildness 

Allow back feminine flow and playfulness in your life.

Learn about Magic & Sacred Practices.

Learn to trust your intuition and wisdom

Receive initiation into Ancient Feminine Mysteries

Work and play with your sexual life force energy (Kundalini)

Mastering the art of sexual energy cultivation



✔️ Get support from Marianne herself

✔️ Groups caps at 20 women


✔️ 4 months of Pleasure Activation 

✔️ Payment Plan available



  • Weekly live Zoom calls with me where I will guide you through:

                                     - Sacred initiations

                                     - Breath work

                                     - Self-love practices

                                     - Self-pleasure rituals

                                     - Energy cultivation

                                     - and more…

  • Mindset work

  • Yoni-egg Practices

  • Sisterhood Community through a private Fb-group

  • Support from Marianne herself! (through email/voxer/Q&A’s/Fb)

  • Access to my bi-weekly online Yoni Yoga classes *

  • Access to my monthly Orgasmic Manifestation Ceremony *

  • Access to the Yoni Yoga Sequence Program


  • For all the early-bird sign-ups:

a juicy sensual gift box containing:

                    - 100% Nephrite Jade egg

                    - Magical Pleasure Wand - Glass dildo

                    - Yoni Oil - hand mixed from ancient recipe

                    - Handmade Yoni Glitter shirt



*for as long these classes are available and for the duration of the 4 months of the Pleasure Temple Program

I Got This

Are you ready to say;


I am doing this! I am ready and all in" - to yourself, to this transformation?⁠

I am celebrating you dear sister!! Then this option is for you:


I Need A Little Support

This beautiful payment plan is for the woman that likes to do things in small steps.

Choose this juicy payment plan to support yourself to join this powerful program:⁠
4 payments of €500,-⁠

I Need It To Be Even Slower

Do you need to take the slowest steps possible?

Would you like to  start the program with a calm nervous system⁠?

If yes, then this is the payment option for you!
6 payments of €350,-⁠

How can you join the Pleasure Temple?

I also want to let you know about an application deadline: 

*Application Deadline Alert!!* ;)

If you are thinking of joining the 2021 Pleasure Temple…

The deadline to be able to do a 6-month extended payment plan is Sunday, August 15th. 

That means you need to turn in your application by midnight on August 15th to have the extended option. 

Turn in your application here. 

After that, only a pay in full or a 4-month payment plan is available. 

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