Marianne van Katwijk, Unleash Your Wildness, Sacred Love Course, Sexual Healing, Yoni Yoga, Jade Egg, Yoni Egg



OMG - just listened to your introduction - it was so POWERFUL, so exciting, so real - I can't wait to have time to do the next part!! 

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Kris Court – UK


Marianne van Katwijk, Unleash Your Wildness, Sacred Love Course, Sexual Healing, Yoni Yoga, Yoni Egg, Jade Egg
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4 Guided Meditation Practices to overcome common blocks, like shame, unworthiness, or feeling broken, in order to activate your innate sensual glow and heighten your soul’s magnetism so that you effortlessly attract all that you desire within yourself, your partner and other meaningful relationships.



Marianne van Katwijk, Unleash Your Wildness, Sacred Love Course, Sexual Healing, Yoni Yoga, Yoni Egg, Jade egg

Just push play and tune in, so that you turn your:

Pain into pleasure

Shame into confidence

Fear into faith

Anger into empowerment

Frustrations into calmness

Worrying into trusting

 Anxiety into bliss

Harshness into softness

Helplessness into power

Are you ready to feel stress-free & turned-on?

Feeling that zest for life?

Each meditation brings you:

  • Into the center of calmness and inner peace and erases stress

  • Gets your monkey mind to no longer control you

  • Let’s you feel in touch with the love, compassion and joy that lies within your heart

  • Re-wiring your body, brain & soul into lightness, ease, joy, peace and inner soft feminine strength.


​​You will be amazed at how:

  • Easy meditation can be

  • Much fun it is to follow these (active) guided meditation practices

  • Much power you have/hold within your body

  • Easy it is to access it or tap into your self

  • Much you will fall in love with turning your feminine sensual essence into your super power

  • Much fun it is to allow yourself to step into your feminine sensual glow

  • Much you will radiate, shine and glow from the inside out.

Sacred Love Course, Marianne van Katwijk, Unleash Your Wildness

Here is exactly what you will get:

  • 4 guided (active) meditation practices. Each meditation has a video introduction + video practice guidance + audio only option

  • Each meditation is between 6 to 12 minutes so they are perfect to fit into every one’s busy life style and filled up agenda’s

  • When you sign up you will get access to our private membership area where you can immediately start listening/watching the first meditation session: “Daily Sacred Love Healing Meditation” on your favorite device (iPad, smart phone, computer, etc.)

Marianne van Katwijk, Unleash Your Wildness, Sacred Love Course, Sexual Healing, Yoni Egg, Jade egg, Yoni Yoga

Hey! I am Marianne van Katwijk founder of Unleash Your Wildness - Yoni Magic.


I have been helping hundreds of women wake up to the power of their womb and embodying the magic of their yoni (vagina/vulva/cervix).


Doing my soulwork since 2016 and I'm here to share one of my most powerful tools with you!

I am a sexual empowerment psychologist and coach specialized in female pleasure.

With a master's degree in Psychology and a certification as Sex, Love & Relationship Coach in the pocket I am among the top 1% of holistic and integrated sexuality coaches in the world. Working with both individuals and groups.


Session 1: (worth €53,-) - 

Connect to source, to soul, to the energy higher than you. Fill up your whole being with inner-power and ecstatic love and pleasure. Connecting to your center, your source.


Session 2: (worth €53,-)

We hold so much stuck in our system, that blocks us from our life force energy, which in essence is our sexual energy flow. This practice really helps to let go of anything.


Session 3: (worth €53,-)

Meditative breathwork to awaken your life force energy that is seated in your sexual energy, and to let your breath amplify and awaken your life force energy and move it throughout your body. Helps to make the body feel deeply relaxed yet fully activated.


Marianne van Katwijk, Unleash Your Wildness, Sacred Love Course, Sexual Healing, Yoni Yoga, Yoni Egg, Jade Egg

Session 4: (worth €53,-)

Meditative breathwork, meditation and visualization to open up the life force energy located in your sex center. Connect to earth, use breath to awaken orgasmic sensations, let this move through the whole body, and move your body with it, creating your own sacred ecstatic love embodiment dance.

When you complete your Sacred Love Healing Meditation order below, you will get immediate access to one of my most popular Mindset Shifting Practices for FREE! 

Regular price: €33,- (today €0,-)

The mindset shifting practice will guide you to directly change your limiting belief patters and allowing yourself to experience the beliefs and associated feelings, emotions and energies that you deeply desire to have.

Structuring your thoughts in a way that creates clarity and deep insights, opening a pathway for deeper lasting transformation.

Leaving you positively glowing with love

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Thats a total value of €245,- for this course!!

You can get these 4 incredible Sacred Love Healing Meditation Sessions (video’s and mp3s) Plus the live changing “Mindset Shifting Practice” Bonus Gift! 

for an amazing discount of more than 38%

a one time payment of €150,-, for life time access!


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Caroline - Switzerland

There has been such a change in my life! I am much more open, more confident, more radiant. 

Finding my power within has already changed so much for me as it transfers into many parts of my life… I am more balanced, happy, creative - a better friend, wife, lover and mother.


I highly recommend this program for every woman, no matter what phase of life they are in.  

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Michaela French - UK

This course helped me to stand truly confident in the strength of my feminine self.

It helped me opened me up to my body in ways beyond my expectations and beyond any previous experiences.


It was a journey nourishing myself and of discovery in which I found my strength, and found my way back to myself.


Maartje - The Netherlands

These meditations really allowed me to blossom into my softness, and to truly enjoy my own body and myself. 


It showed me it is safe for me to be deeply connected with me! Truly magical!

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Keysha LaShaun - United States

" Omg you’re amazing! Just started the Sacred Love course and this was just what I needed to connect to my body".

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~ Marianne ~