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This retreat is a combination of self defense and the inner feminine magic.
It will give you intense aliveness, as we introduce you to the Wonder Woman inside of you. She is a warrior but comes from soft power. Her heart is filled with love, kindness and passion but she is willing to fight to protect what’s dear to her. She is in balance with her own darkness and light so she knows her own worth and power.

You’ll learn to activate the actual power of your inner magic as well as real fighting skills to protect your boundaries. After this workshop you will know the Wonder Woman inside of you and that she will always be there. 

Do you feel like you are walking down the street always on guard, and with your eyes scanning if you are safe?


Have you ever felt afraid, treatned or unsafe because you were a woman alone when it was already dark in the street?


Are you tired of not having the courage to just sit on a bench in the park, because you are afraid someone will approach you or disturb you?


If you are a woman who feels unsafe and vulnerable on your own and you desire to embody confidence and a soft yet powerful power and clear boundaries, then you need to unleash your inner Wonder Woman!!



Know self-defense moves and tricks that are so simple, yet so powerful they make you smile

Are connected to your womb-wisdom, yoni-magic and inner feminine nature… your wildness

Embody your soft feminine magic AND your warrior woman power

Have the confidence that you can absolutely defend yourself no matter what.

Feel certain, strong and confident no matter what situation or environment you are in. 


"Oh my gosh what a duo. I love every time I get to be in space with these incredible beings. It feels like Fire and Water. Power and fluidity, depth and witchery. I always leave feeling deeply connected to myself and feeling ready to take on the world in new ways. They might push you to an edge that feels spicy in the moment but the safety that’s provided makes it easy to lean in and break through barriers you didn’t even know excited. Thanks R&M for all your magic and I can’t wait for the next workshop!!"

Rosa - UK

This can be your reality!! YES!!


Embodying the Wonder Woman Within you is not just a dream or a great movie, it is a POWER that is within your reach!!


Many women have gone before you, and YOU TOO can experience the empowerment, confidence, magic and inner feminine wisdom of the Wonder Woman Within!!


All you need to unleash her is to FEEL, EXPERIENCE and UNDERSTAND how to tap into the Wonder Woman Within, and what to do to set the Wonder Woman Within you free. 


And Rionne and Marianne are both experts in their field to make sure your Wonder Woman Within is going to rise and shine like never before!




Allow yourself to turn into the most powerful woman

This in-person 1 day retreat will unleash your inner wildness. It will bring such a strong feeling of confidence, feminine magic, and knowing your boundaries so that you will walk through your daily life feeling fully ALIVE.


Not only will you learn about your boundaries and inner feminine magic,

you will also walk away at the end of the day knowing you now have embodied the techniques that give you the confidence to protect yourself no matter what!!


Rionne is an expert Self-Defense. She has been trained by ex Special Forces and took part in many Israeli Training Camps, which are known for their toughness and endurance. Rionne helps women to reconnect to these indestructible inner powers, so that they go through life with the fighting spirit to overcome whatever life throws at them while living by the art of being kind. 


My biggest passion is Knife Fighting. And despite all my fighting skills I know that my true power derives from my soft feminine side.’ - Rionne 



Marianne works as a psychologist, hypnotherapist and expert in healing sexual anxiety and alchemizing the blockages that stand in the way of your true feminine self. Marianne helps women from all over the world to embody their inner soft-power, so that they feel fully alive.


My biggest passion is to awaken the Inner Feminine Magic within every woman. When you live from a deep connection to your inner magic, you will experience life as pure bliss.’ - Marianne



Scherm­afbeelding 2024-05-30 om 14.21.37.png

I loved coming to this workshop, it was such an incredible and empowering experience to connect with our energetic boundaries, explore our power, and learn moves that I wish everyone got to learn! It was so powerful to have two teachers really transmit these teachings in such a nuanced and beautiful way. Thanks soo much, can’t wait for the next one!

Freya - UK



- You get familiar with the rules of self-defense, which prepares you mentally and yield physical confidence.

- You learn striking and kicking techniques that enhances the force and impact of your attacks. No slim or fit body needed to throw a devastating punch.

- You learn exactly where to attack for optimal impact. 

- The opportunity to step into your power by connecting with your fighting spirit. You get to feel the power of that source inside of you.

- Your confidence will grow and will reflect your primal super power.

- Discover the source of your primal super power lies within your womb, your chi center.

- You learn to yield the subtle sensations of life force energy and pleasure

- You receive rituals to tap into and connect to your inner sacred feminine self

- Experience intense aliveness through connecting your powerful fighting source with your inner feminine magic.


Embodying the wonder woman within will show you that you’re truly capable of defending your boundries.

Another cool thing is that by knowing that you have the powers of wonder woman within you,  reflects in your confidence to set your boundaries in your day to day life. Other people will sense it and respect your boundaries without trying to push them. 

"The self-defense initiation with Rionne is such a revelation! Its far beyond physical tools, it’s also about being fully embodied, in our healthy power, expanding our aura in a way to feel safe and ready for the unexpected! I had so much insights and fun while discovering powerful and useful techniques.


Rionne’s work combined with Marianne’s is by far the best combination ever! Experiencing the feelings within my own body, feeling so very relaxed in my own body I wanted to stay in it. I felt very safe, and from this safe place within me, to expand my experience of bliss and the subtle sensations of pleasure was just mind blowing.


I highly recommend any woman to attend the Wonder Woman Within Retreat as it will help you to awaken your inner feminine magic, your soft feminine sensual energy, as well as your inner warrior, that inner femme power. So that you can allow yourself to feel safe in embodying the woman who you truly really are." 

Liza - Switzerland



- The opportunity to step into you power by connecting with your fighting spirit. 

- Expect to get to know yourself at a level you never knew was possible.

- The power of your mind reaches far beyond limits.

- Your inner magic comes to the surface. 

- You get confident to use it in your daily live without any shame.

- Soon you’ll see how your environment notice your power. 



Morning Program: 

Self Defense Techniques 

Killer kicks and attack moves for optimal impact

Womb Wisdom Practices

Sacred Feminine Rituals

Organic Lunch 

Afternoon Program: 

Unleash your super power ritual

Embodying the Wonder Woman Within

Womb Magic Ritual

Closing Circle


"Working with Marianne has been mind blowing. I could really feel the depth of her transmission around sacred feminine work. Her depth of empathy and compassion helped me to feel so deeply understood and seen. Which I really need as someone who has been trough complex trauma. 


And then that combined with Rionne’s fighting training is just mind blowing! I never have been able to get that combination of power, inner strength training and self-defense training + in depth Sacred Feminine work in all of my 25+ years of therapy and self-defense! 

This combination was extremely powerful. I have never seen anything like it in my life!! 


We really got to embody different mind and body states, so we were really and truly equipped to defend ourselves from a place of inner power. And being able to do that and engage in the fight response was like completely enlivening and rejuvenating. And all of that from being fully connected to our soft feminine self and our sacred feminine energy. "

Emma - London England


Stop playing small and start living from the Wonder Woman Within you, and walk through life feeling fully ALIVE!

Your journey into confidence, empowerment and magic is waiting for you!!


When: 29 June 2024 - 10am - 17pm

Where: Zeewolde (address will be revealed after payment)

What's included:

  • A full day filled with the self-defense and inner feminine magic techniques and practices.

  • A fun day that will sky-rocket your oxytocine levels

  • An organic delicious lunch made for Queens


Early Bird Price: €225,- (available till 9 of June)

Standard Price: €295,-

We have space for just 13 women only! So make sure you claim your spot right now!!

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