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Sacred Power Pleasure Wand


The Sacred Power Pleasure wand story:

This gorgeous playful glass wand is a powerful tool to stimulate and awaken your sacred feminine spots inside your yoni.


You can use this sacred tool for self-pleasure, yoni healing, and as sensual foreplay.

Allow this playful sacred pleasure wand to awaken your natural orgasmic energy flow. Let yourself unleash your wild ecstacy!



Product information:

Pink Clear Pyrex Glass

160mm length x 30mm diameter


How to use:

Wash your sacred wand with warm water, until your wand feels warm too.

Massage your yoni with a generous amount of Yoni Magic oil (you can buy this oil in HERE)


Gently massage all the parts of your yoni until you feel ready to gently insert your sacred power pleasure wand. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to feel.


Hold the wand at the spiral end and gently move the thicker end in and out, or gently vibrate the wand while you have it fully inserted. Set the intention to allow healing and pleasure activation to happen.


Let the ribs on the sacred wand stimulate your inner sacred feminine spot. Play around until you feel the pleasure build up. Get to know and understand your own body!


How to take care of your sacred wand:

Wash your wand with warm water and slowly let the temperature be build up to hot water if you want it to be fully sterilized. You can use a gentle soap if you want.


Avoid extreme temperature changes. And always let the wand cool down properly before you insert it.

Sacred Power - Pleasure Wand

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  • Product information:

    Pink Clear Pyrex Glass

    160mm length x 30mm diameter

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