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You totally deserve pleasure

You totally deserve to feel alive, turned-on and being happy within your body, your sxuality and intimacy.

I totally believe all women have the right to experience pleasure, joy, playfulness, lightness and turn on in their sxuality.

And I know and totally believe every woman can!!

That’s right…

Yes you too can!

Just imagine for a moment….

  • How amazing would it be if you could feel:

  • Energized to let your sxual self come out and play, so you get to enjoy the melting together in sx

  • Confident in your ability to satisfy not just yourself, but also your partner.

  • Not just comfortable -- but excited to open yourself up toward sx

  • You will be able to have sx without the mental trash intefering with your intimacy

  • Sxual confidence in your relationship.

How does that feel in your body?

Maybe you feel sadness or down. Thinking this will never work for you..

Maybe you feel scared of what it would mean and if you truly change how would that affect your relationship

Maybe you feel excited and wish you could already feel that.

What ever you feel, know that stepping into your sxually liberated self will bring about lots of feelings.

It’s a huge step to take as a woman. Cause for thousands of years pleasure was not for us. It was to give to our man, to please him, to be saved for marriage.

It is exactly these subconscious patterns. so deeply ingrained that we don’t even notice they are running the show, how shut us down in our sxuality.

And it is exactly through changing those subconscious patterns and programs that will liberate us.

How amazing will you feel if you allow yourself to take the step to change the programs that are running your sxuality?

How amazing will you relationship turn out to be when you change the programs that influence your approach towards intimacy?

How amazing will your life turn out to be when you change these limiting self diminishing patterns, and all the opportunities that will then come your way….

Just imagine for a moment…

And when you feel the tiniest spark of wanting that change for you, for your relationship, for your life…

Then DM me there are several ways you can work with me on changing these limiting subconscious programs.

Let’s talk about which one is the most fitting to you.

Much love Marianne


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