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You might think its a problem with your desire, but this is what it truly happening...

You might think it’s a problem with your desire,

but what is truly happening is that your brain and nervous system has interpreted sexual intimacy as a threat.

Your brain does what it does best it starts to generalize and becomes better and better at keeping you safe.

That’s why you will notice that now your body is starting to tense up when he approaches you just for a hug.

Many of my clients do not find the help they need. Not at their GP not at their gynecologist not with a therapist. They hope it will resolve by itself or when they are less stressed in life that it will get better then.

And all of them realize that it only gets worse and they should have reached out for help sooner.

If this is you then don’t wait!!

Reach out today let’s talk and see what would be the best way for you to work with me to get this to turn around for you forever!!

So that sexual intimacy can be a place of joyful connection and playful pleasure!

DM me today!! Don’t wait! Do it now!!

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