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What I learned from dancing with Death

My dear sisters & brothers,

This past week I went through a very deep experience in life. A dear friend had a heart attack and ended up in hospital.

I am a very intuitive, sensitive, shamanic person who regularly picks up things like energy, feelings and emotions from loved ones. So, on an intuitive level, I knew what was going to happen before it did.

I was shown many signs.

I had felt his heart attack in my own body.

I was shown a vision of me and my bestie both holding the hands of my friend while he let go of his very last exhale.

The journey from that vision to the moment it became a reality was long and terribly exhausting…

But once we arrived at that reality. I found it to be both beautiful and extremely hard at the same time.

The thing that made it the hardest was seeing how everyone in the hospital was not working to make him better but were only pushing and pulling to keep him alive.

Yet, my friend was ready to go.

"It is time…Now, it won't take much longer…"

He was saying.

Yet, the medicine he was given was keeping him here, and was making him confused. It was creating an inner fight within his body and soul.

The moment we finally stood up for him and said/asked him;

"Do you want more medication? Do you want to keep having the oxygen?"

He said; no….

The nurses immediately responded and removed the mask and all the wires hooked up to several machines.

We held his hands and carest his legs… 3 of us surrounding him in deep love and deep respect. Not blood related but bonded in love.

We didn't cry, all we felt was love, calmness, respect… we had seen this moment in visions. We had been prepared to give this person the biggest gift in life…

A conscious death, a conscious goodbye, a conscious letting go…True liberation…

We encouraged him; it's okay to let go, you are safe, you don't have to worry any more, everything is okay…

You can let go of everything you ever worried about…

And then he exhaled his last breath…

Seeing calmness and joy on his face…

The beauty, the love, the mystery…

Not only before, but also after the passing of this very special friend did I receive so many messages from the divine and from his soul to mine.

Messages that were letting us know beforehand what would happen, preparing us for this moment.

Messages that were letting us know everything is fine, everything is perfect, everything is as it should be.

Messages that were letting us know love never dies!

Messages that were letting us communicate without words… on a soul level.

Messages that were telling us what to say to the loved ones around him, to heal broken ties, and create stronger bonds.

On top of all these messages I also received a deepening of my inner knowing. This experience has only strengthened my inner knowing that I am here to not only guide women back to their inner calm beauty, their feminine power and sensual magic.

I am also here to bring forth a message from life and death…


I want you to know that life is such a mysterious beauty.

Life is happening FOR us.

Everything is happening in perfect timing.

Everything is always as it should be.

We never have to focus on the future and worry about what will be.

As everything is always working out for us.

When you breathe deeply, and smile to the present that is given to you now, magic unfolds.

When we breathe deeply, and connect to the calm and connect to the present, we can hear the whispers of our soul AND the divine.

It wants us to smile, to play, to LIVE, to breathe, to feel love within...

THAT is the true PLEASURE I am always talking about.

That is the joy of life…

And when you feel that there is no other way than to feel your life force energy, your sexual nature to be active and to flow through you. Because your sexual energy is the essence of life.

Life wants us to slow down.

Life wants us to enjoy every moment.

Life wants us to be kind to ourselves and to others.

Life wants us to feel alive!

We can only truly feel alive when we embrace death rather than fear it.

Death is not that dark scary entity we think it to be.

Death is, just as much as life, a mysterious beauty.

So why do we fear it so much?

Because death is the unknown.

It is our conditioning, the limiting beliefs we have placed upon it.

It is the emotions we fear to feel that we attached to it.

It is the fear of the unknown that makes it dark.

Our resistance to feel it all, to welcome it all in, which makes it scary.

It is our resistance to say; "I don't know what it will be, or what I will feel, or even what it will look like".

That's what makes death scary and dark...

But when you truly look death in the eye and you breathe deeply, allowing your energy and feelings to be felt, you will experience the deepest calmth.

That's when you realize death is gentle, loving, all present.

We have been denied death its proper place in life.

Giving acknowledgement only to life.

Telling death off, and abandoning it.

Death needs to be seen and loved again.

Death needs to be placed back on its sacred seat where it truly belongs in life.

Life and death are the secret lovers.

When they hold hands there is balance and calmness.

For life is meaningless if we do not show it respect to death.

It is the sacred union in which EVERYTHING makes sense

So my dear sisters...

There is nothing you need to be afraid of ever...

As everything is always working out for you...


If you feel death as a scary thing... then know it is not death that scares you.

It is your emotions and feelings that you haven't looked at.

It is the emotions and feelings and limiting beliefs and conditioning that you have pushed away and locked inside your body.

It is the energy and feelings and emotions that have become stuck in your body that you fear to feel.

And that is okay...

Life and death want to let you know that;

You are safe to breathe...

You are safe to feel..

You are loved...

You are taken care of..

Slow down my love...





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