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The True Christmas Story...

Christmas is actually a celebration of Reindeer-Magic!!

Christmas is one of our most interesting celebrations. It is a celebration that is mixed with so many different traditions and rituals. ⁠

Traditions most of us don't even know have nothing to do with the actual birth of Christ, and rituals that we have forgotten are actual rituals. ⁠

Traditions that have their roots from way before Paganism.

The root of Christmas is tied to the times when the Goddess was still honored and celebrated. ⁠One of their most important Goddesses was the Deer Mother.

She was seen as the source of light, life and death…

The Horned Goddess… the Reindeer.

To our ancient ancestors, the tribes of the Northern Hemisphere, the Reindeer was a sacred animal. The ancient tribes of Northern Europe depended on the reindeer for survival. They followed the reindeer migration for milk, food, clothing and shelter.

The doe, a female deer, was seen as the giver of light, the carrier of the sun.

It was She who was flying through the skies, long before Santa was flying through the sky pulled by flying reindeer...

Because unlike the male reindeer who sheds his antlers in winter, it is the female reindeer, the doe, who retains her antlers. And it is She who leads the herds in winter. It is the Reindeer-Goddess... not Rudolph…

The legends tell us that those reindeers and the female shamans of the tribes living with the reindeers were all taking flight together!!

Each winter on the longest night they would ingest the hallucinogenic Amanita Muscaria mushroom, the red toadstool with white dots we see so very often depicted in many stories and images.

The female shamans would “fly through the sky” following the lead of the reindeer, their Deer Mother Goddess.

It is said that these female shamans originally wore red and white clothing trimmed with fur and horned headdresses or felt red hats!

By going on a vision guest and taking flight with the reindeers through the reindeer magic (the magical hallucinogenic mushroom) they were celebrating the returning of the light, the birth of the Sun.

It was the reindeer and her magic that in ancient long forgotten times flew us through winter’s longest darkest nights with her life-giving light.

Gifting us the birth of the Sun.⁠

Bringing us back the light.

The Deer Mother...the Horned Goddess...It was She who took flight and led us from the dark of the old into the bright light of the new.

The rebirth of the Sun.

It was a huge celebratory ritual, the returning of the light.

We might have forgotten the stories of the ancient Sun and Winter Goddess and Reindeer-Magic times,

But the Deer Mother still is very much alive in our Christmas cards and Yule decorations.

Maybe somewhere some deep, hidden, ancient part of ourselves still remembers the original Merry Reindeer Magic.

The Deer Mother Goddess who carries the light and life in her antlers.

Guiding the female shamans on a shamanic flight on the sacred night of winter solstice,

Bringing back the gift of the light and the faith of knowing new gifts from mother earth are about to received again.

The darkest night, a celebration, reindeer magic, and the birth of the Sun.

Can you feel this ancient memory?

Merry Deer magic!!! Happy Holidays!!!


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