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Slowing down is the key to your feminine power!

I have been going through a new phase. A new awakening you could call it.

Slowing down… That's what I have been doing…. slowing down, and then slowing down even more and more and more…

And in slowing down I have been deepening into my feminine flow of receptivity.

When you are slowing down, you allow the universe to catch up with you!!

Sometimes we keep going, keep pushing, keep having a schedule for the universe. But She doesn't doe schedules, She only follows flow, and your energy.

If you are in pushing mode, in the hard masculine drive, comepltely disconnected from your feminine flow, then even if the universe wants to dilver to you, She can't show up cause you dont leave any space for Her gifts to get to you!

Allowing yourself to slow down…

Allowing yourself to re-connect to your natural feminine nature of receptivity…


Allowing yourself the opportunities and gifts to come your way!

That's what I received these past few weeks when I slowed down more and more, and tapped into my natural feminine receptivity.

Fully receiving the FEELINGS of my desires!

FEELING I am impacting millions and making millions… REGARDLESS of what has arrived into my bank account or not.

No longer feeling the push to proof myself.

No longer needing to feel the push to be part of the; “you need to make 30K a month or have 500K launches, to be a successful bad-ass-business-woman”

All these things were not true soul desires, they were the things I told myself I have to do to be succesful. I thought I needed to push and needed to be busy. But all those things have been coming from fear not from soul!!

Tapping into your power goes way deeper than that!

So when I started allowing myself to RECEIVE what I NEED, separately from money coming in!

I received:

New clients

New course ideas

New aligned inspirations

New connections

New helping hands in my business

New clothes for free!!

New feelings

New MOST comfy shoes EVER

New inner peace

New beauty in every room in my house for free!!

New start up for my new kitchen for free!!

New balanced relationship with my little boy

I feel so deeply fulfilled, content, abundant, rich from the inside out!

I am fully content with where I am at and in what I do right now.

And it is the most amazing feeling ever!

I know I am being taken care of by some power bigger than me.

I know my pussy will guide me

I know all I truly need to do each day, is to breathe deeply, listen to my soul desires, allow in pleasure and live will unfold by itself FOR me!

That is what living a fully turned on life is about!

Flowing WITH the stream of life!


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