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Saying YES to YOU!

When you decide to say YES! to YOU. You will no longer be available for anything less than what you truly desire and need.

Do you recognize this...

Getting so caught up and fired up in certain situations so you don't remember who you are any more…

We all know this, especially as women. Not expressing our needs and desires, and then we suddenly explode like a vulcano eruption.

Sometimes we want things so badly. Doing all the things to try and create it. But when you do that from a space and feeling of lack, it will never happen.

To come into your next level (your next-level-bad-ass-shiny-fully-alive-and-turned-on-YOU) you have to dive deeper and allow yourself to choose differently.

Sometimes you HAVE to come to the point where you are no longer putting up with the things you don't want.

To hit the point of ENOUGH!! This no longer. I am not going to put up with this. I am now going to do what it takes to get out of this!

The decision is absolute KEY!

To fully decide to see change,
you have to DECIDE to step out of suffering!

To step into your next level you, you have to stick with it until you have fully transformed. You have to FEEL the fire! FEEL the energy of this! Feel it in your pussy! Feel the magic of your Yoni become alive by this energy! Pussy tingles!

Do you remember who you are?

You are made to create!!

You are made of starstuff!

You ARE Magic!

You have a sacred sexual energy and power spark within you!

You can light that erotic power within you!!

But nothing of it happens until you decide to flick the fucking switch!

To no longer be available for staying stuck in the good-girl-conditioning.

To no longer be available for the layers of shame/pain/keeping yourself small that more than two thousand years of Patriarchal conditioning has placed on women.

No longer being available for staying stuck in the feeling of being broken.

To fully say YES!!

Yes! To YOU!

And be zero % available for anything less than what you need and desire!

And once you know what you want and need…

Take the aligned steps to get you there!

We need YOU in this world, the empowered, free and alive version of you!


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