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0rgasmic Healing Hypnosis (OHH)


  • Deeply transformative

  • Deeply Healing (without the need to dive into the issues, problems, patterns)

  • Reconnect to your life force energy

  • Embody your aliveness and desire

  • Discover or 0rgasmicpower and magic


These sessions are deeply healing YET super FUN and PLEASURABLE!!


I will guide you into an induced hypnotic trance state, so that you are receptive to suggestion.


While you are in this very deep state of relaxation I will guide you into connecting to your 0rgasmic energy so you are able to expand it, move it, and create a bodily remembrance.


By the end of the 3e session we will create a magic key word, so that you can activate your unique 0rgasmicenergy and magical sensations whenever YOU want.


You will walk away with an ability to instantly connect with your life force whenever you want. Tap into it, to enhance creativity, inspiration or desicion making...


Feel deeply empowered in your daily life, love life and business.

You’ll have the most benefit from these sessions if:


✔️ You’re a woman who KNOWS deep down inside that you do have the capacity within you to feel orgasmic in every part of your life – all you need is the right guidance to get there.


✔️ You are motivated and excited to expand your orgasmic energy and sensations.

✔️ You’re not in feeling dissconected from your body, and you understand that the basis of your orgasmic sensation is connected to your felt sense, you just struggle with tapping into you orgasmic energy and power when ever you want to.

If you recognized yourself in the above and you desire a new level of connection with your powerful inner magic, your sxualenergy, then sign up for the OHH-Experience:


3 online 0rgasmic Healing Hypnosis Sessions


Investment for 3 OHH sessions: €550,-

After you scheduled your first session I will send you a payment link. Make sure to make the investment for the three sessions BEFORE we start our first session.


Looking forward to guide you into the magic within you!

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