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From ‘Running-Away-From-Your-Partners-Touch’
to ‘Deeply-Connected-Intimacy’ Retreat

In this FREE virtual 4 day retreat you will learn how to stop the Autoresponse of Stress and Anxiety Towards Intimacy and Start Embodying Lovemaking as a Place of Connection, Enjoyment and Playfulness

Just Imagine What It Would Do For You and Your Relationship If You Would Be Looking Forward to Your Partners Touch and Lovemaking Would Feel Filled With Joy? 

Imagine You Could Be Fully In the Moment, Free, Radiantly Alive and Deeply Connected!


Do you sometimes get frustrated with being in your head so much that you can't seem to relax and enjoy the moment?

Do you wish you weren't running away from your partners avances and that you wouldn't feel blocked or frozen in your body?

Do you feel pressured by your partner and even by your own thoughts (constantly being on guard when it has been a few weeks)? 


Awakening Your Sensual Super Power


Becoming a radiant sensual being isn't only for the lucky ones - there is a method and alchemical code you can learn and apply to your life step by step by step. 

"What Would It Be Worth To You If You Were Thriving in Your Relationship and Confidently Enjoy Intimacy and Sexuality? 

What if you could:

✧ Feel open and excited towards intimacy 

✧ Desire intimacy and connection

✧ Deepen your relationship & love

✧ Feel you have your libido back

✧ Be fully in the moment

✧ Allowing yourself to experience pleasure


When You Know How to Heal Your Sexual Anxiety Once and For All, and Transform the Limiting Subconscious Programs That Influence Your Intimate Connection

You Then Truly Turn Lovemaking Into a Place of Connection and Playfulness,
Without Feeling You Are Ever Pushing Yourself.


"Your course changed my life! When I look back from where we started and the journey we walked together, the process from the immense pain I had to now being WILD and FREE in my sexuality AND personality! I am so grateful for what you've taught me."

Sarah Yacine - Morocco

2018 Michaela-VA.jpg

"I am 51 years old, I’m going through menopause and I am definitely not ready to become the version of the older woman our society advocates. Marianne’s program helped me to stand truly in the strength of my feminine self."

Michaela French - UK



From ‘Running-Away-From-Your-Partners-Touch’
to ‘Deeply-Connected-Intimacy’ Retreat

Learn how to stop the Autoresponse of Stress and Anxiety Towards Intimacy and Start Embodying Lovemaking as a Place of Connection, Enjoyment and Playfulness

4 - day Virtual Live Retreat & Teaching 

January 22th - 25th 2024

11.00am Central European Time Zone

Where: Live Online through Zoom


What Does It Mean to Be a Sensual Woman

DAY ONE (January 22th):

I know you might feel you are a one of a kind, and maybe because you have tried it all, you are not sure this will work for you either. But just imagine for a moment what would you do and feel if the stress and anxiety you experience around sxual intimacy would no longer be there... The calmness, softness, ease, and healing you will experience, and the space it will open up for your authentic sensual self to come forth.

I will show you how to heal your internal cycle of guilt, and whole-heartedly embrace your sexual YES and NO. This will lead to creating new dynamics in your sxual relationship. And change any feelings of feeling pressured into allowing yourself to have pleasure, and invite him towards you from that place. After all, you are allowed to enjoy and take pleasure in- in a lasting way.

Break the Cycle of Guilt and Frustration

DAY TWO (January 23th):

DAY THREE (January 241th):

Giving Yourself the Permission for Pleasure

As women we have been heavily conditioned to be of service to the other. To give, give and give. And many times we forget about ourselves, or don’t even know how to give to ourselves. That’s why it is super important to learn how to give yourself permission for pleasure.

The Sensual Alchemy Code

DAY FOUR (January 25th):

Through creating AWARENESS of your own sensual alchemical code that lives inside of your subconscious mind, you can create new positive neural patterns that will support you in your journey: which means that learning the skills that will allow you stop doubting yourself, feeling undervalued and/or not-good-enough will be actually easy to embrace.

  • This isn’t an event where you just stare at a screen and take pages of notes, without creating deep shifts within yourself

  • ​This isn’t an event where you passively listen to the ‘’teacher’’, without being heard, seen and fully participating

  • ​This isn’t an event where we scratch the surface and don’t go deep into the art of true transformation


Marianne van Katwijk - Relationship Psychologist.png

This Virtual Retreat "Luscious Intimacy"
Will Activate You To:

1) Become deeply connected with your own intimate sensual self, so that you can that part of you to come forward in your relationship.

2) Skyrocket your confidence in taking the steps towards awakening your libido and befriend your playful pleasure side.

Start embodying lovemaking as a place of connection, enjoyment and playfulness by owning your true sensual self in an authentic way. 

Marianne van Katwijk's Bio:


Hi I am Marianne van Katwijk, I was born in a small town in the North of The Netherlands with a rough fisherman culture. Yet, growing up I was having Shamanic visions of animals that belong to middle and South America - Something that was not part of the down to earth reality where I grew up. Being able to hold my stand in these two different worlds prepared me to become the sensitive, spiritually, down to earth therapist that I now am. Helping hundreds of women around the world connect to their natural authentic female sexuality. So that they can allow playful, calm, inner peace, joy and pleasure to flow freely through their body. 


With a master's degree in Psychology, a certification that got me specialized as Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, and several top studies to specialize myself as a Hypnotherapist as well as a Sexual Freedom Hypnotherapist, I am among the top 1% of holistic, somatic and integrated sexuality coaches in the world. With my degrees, my knowledge, and lived expertise, I can truly say I am one of the best specialists out there to help women break free from the programming about sex and female sexuality.

Are You Ready?


" I have started to enjoy sex again and my partner also feels what a big impact this program has on both our lives. My husband said this was the BEST investment EVER!! I am so happy! 


Finding my power within has already changed so much for me as it transfers into many parts of my life… I highly recommend this program for every woman, no matter what phase of life they are in."

Caroline - Switzerland

Image by name_ gravity

“I felt I was not good enough and not worthy when it comes to sex and sexuality.


I wanted to make change and break through the blocks, and to feel free in my sexuality.


And I DID IT!!!


I feel so much more safe and FREE in my sexuality and I wish everyone to feel like this!"


Sanne H - The Netherlands

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