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The Masterclass For Women On: How You Can Attract and Make More Money, So You Can Change Your Financial Situation TODAY and Make Anything You Want Tomorrow Possible.

Friday, November 3th from 1.30pm - 3.30pm CET

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You might all know me as a sex therapist for women… and today I talk about money… 

and interestingly enough these two topics are not as different for women as we think they may be.


In this masterclass you will find out that money and sexuality are actually very similar. 

It's about receiving… it's all interlinked to your capacity to receive as a woman.

To give yourself permission to desire and want…

Allowing ourselves to stand fully in our power and to give ourselves permission for pleasure.

Your relationship with money… women’s relationship with money… is still very different then it is for men. Even if we just look at job payments, or yearly income it’s still a huge gap there for women. And what it comes down to is that the same villain shows up when it comes to money, as when it comes to sex and intimacy…



For thousands of years, we women we have been indoctrinated to not be in our power. That’s why we struggle in our intimate sexual life AND in our intimate financial life.

“Keeping ourselves small, not standing out, being a good-girl, not speaking up, etc.”

The same patterns and programming subconsciously influence us big time when it comes to intimacy with sexuality as well as with money.

That's exactly what many women I have been working with were expressing; their struggles in being able to open up and receive in both their intimate sexual life as well as their financial life. And that's exactly why I have chosen to facilitate this one off Masterclass. 

Are you ready to...

  • Give yourselves permission to desire and want?

  • Experience true feelings of pleasure through wealth and abundance?

  • Have more than enough money to pay your bills, do your things, and still have access money left over?

  • Feel powerful as a woman from the insight out when it comes to money?

But right now your reality might look more like:


  • Desiring more money to truly feel abundant and supported.

  • Feeling afraid to look into your bank account.

  • Feeling anxious about money, and investing in yourself.

I get it. It's soooo frustrating to feel like you're doing all the right things yet it still feels like there is a money block. 


I've been there. And the good news is - money can get a lot more delicious and I'd love to show you how you can attract and make more money, so you can change your financial situation TODAY and make anything you want tomorrow possible. So that you go from feeling anxious about money to allowing money to bring you pleasure in life!

Not only have a proven to myself over and over again, that this absolutely works in magical ways. Also, my clients have experienced the magic of applying these steps:

Read Lisa’s story here, that she wrote after she attended my SLW program:

“I really didn't have the money to do this program. As the euro exchange rate was phenomenally large. But I was so desperate and Marianne so confident she could help that I took the plunge, and AMAZINGLY, I’m not joking, the money has appeared each month extra in my salary to pay for this program.


I also saw this as a huge investment in myself, as well as I could have spent another 2 years in therapy and not had half the magic and healing that I had here. So if you want to really really liberate yourself, just DO IT!"

And here is the story of Caroline after working with me 1:1 for 3 months:

“Doing your program was the BEST investment ever! My husband said the same, and we both see and feel what  a huge difference this program has made in our lives and relationship.


I feel so much more confident, at ease, and in joy, and I am enjoying sex and exploring new ways of intimate connection. 

But not only that has changed… on top of all these amazing changes I got offered my DREAM job!!

Yes you read that right!! I got OFFERED my dream job!

And am now working doing the thing I thought I could only dream of!

Thank you for everything Marianne!”

What can you expect from the Instant Money Manifestation Masterclass? 

We will: 


  • Talk about the topic money of course… but specifically, money and the conditionings we have received as women around money, receiving it, spending it, holding on to it… but also, its energetic frequency… and the relation to pleasure.


  • Create clarity around your beliefs and thoughts around your money story, so that you can change the ones that do not work for you and have the power to choose new ones.


  • Dive into a hypnotic re-programming meditation so that you will change your energetic setpoint or call it frequency so that money can flow to you. 


  • Go through the Instant Money Manifestation Practice so that you will have in front of you 22 ways of how you can create instant income today. 

  • Create clarity on what action steps you need to be making, for it to happen. Because let’s be honest… manifestation is so much more than just imagining figures of gold, euro’s dollars and numbers.  It is about taking the RIGHT ALIGNED action steps and standing rooted in TRUST and KNOWING that it is a done deal!! 

I have created this masterclass specifically for all the women in my community, because I see over and over again, how women keep themselves small and blocked when it comes intimacy in relationship to sexuality as well as to money. I would love to see a world where women feel themselves TRULY in their power.  So that feeling wealthy is part of their thriving world.


I want to invite you to move out of anxiety… out of fear and worrying…And to step into giving yourself permission… That’s how you attract and make more money so you can change your financial situation TODAY and make anything you want tomorrow possible.


Step into your POWER as a woman…


And you don’t know half how powerful you are!

Standart price: €225,-

This week only for just €97,-!!

I have space for a small group of 10 women, so make sure you grab your spot TODAY!


Hey! I am Marianne van Katwijk founder of Unleash Your Wildness - Yoni Magic and I have been helping hundreds of women connect to their body and playful sensual self, overcoming anxiety around intimacy. I have been doing my soulwork since 2016 and I'm here to share with you that intimacy around money is not as different as intimacy in general!

As a Hypnotherapist and Psychologist I work with woman from all over the world. I am one of the top 1% of holistic, somatic and integrated sex and intimacy therapists in the world and a no. 1 bestselling author. 

With my degree’s, knowledge, and lived experience I am known as the Hypnose Queen of Intimacy. Helping women transform the negative programming, blocks, problem and pains around intimacy into thriving in enjoyment and ultimate freedom.
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