All pussies need magic
All yoni’s get benefits from learning sacred self pleasure
All vulvas thrive when they feel worshipped
All vaginas get blissed out by receiving full love

Have you given...

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Ben jij een Bitch, een Hoer of een Heks??

Wie is het niet overkomen?

Wij vrouwen hebben allemaal weleens de meest grove woorden naar ons hoofd geslingerd gekregen. “Hoer, Bitch, Heks, Teef, Witch, Slet, Boss, Koe, Stomme Kut, Control...

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Lets spread a new virus… love, compassion, joy.

Lets spread a new virus… love, compassion, joy.

Lets all focus on really listening to what it is we NEED, what it is we desire, beyond the...

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How to Create Inner Calm in a World Gone Crazy with Corona-virus

By Marianne van Katwijk

When empowered women join forces, and come up with 20+ ways that you too at home can do right now to calm your nervous system, strengthen you Immune System,...

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The Witches Are Back


By Marianne van Katwijk

The Witches are back…

I have been attending Zola Dubnikova’s Holistic Dance workshop from the Summer Solstice over into the weekend.


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The right way to insert your Yoni egg

The key element to an effective jade-egg practice is inserting your egg the right way.

Never just push your egg up your vagina and do your...

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