The Witches Are Back

marianne van katwijk Jun 25, 2018


By Marianne van Katwijk

The Witches are back…

I have been attending Zola Dubnikova’s Holistic Dance workshop from the Summer Solstice over into the weekend.

It was just what I needed. The medicine of movement, sisterhood bonding, sacred dance, and making stronger my inner connection to the divine, the forces bigger then me and how my breath is truly the key to my pleasure.

I feel so much stronger now, and so much softer at the same time. I feel my body is deeply connected to the earth and to the divine at the same time.

The whole weekend the words of my dear sister and mentor Layla Martin echoed in the back of my mind…

“The witches are back. I keep finding myself saying it. Whispering it. Screaming it at the top of my lungs.

The witches are back. We’re living magic. We’re celebrating pussy. We’re breathing rituals. We’re waking up through nature.

The witches are back. Even though you burned us. Thoroughly broke our spiritual roots. Washed away our power and replaced it with unworthiness. We never forgot completely. Because the witch went deep inside. Waiting for the moment to rise again.

And now the witches are back. I play with them every day. I had no idea they were so many!!

Their power radiates through their laughter. Their sexuality pumps unbashedly through their movements. Their wildness ignites their lives.

The witches know they are both goddess and woman. The witches know they are both human and divine.

The witches are here to remind the men of their own true king-nature. The witches are here to remind us all how to live again.

The witches are here and they are vibrant AF.

This time – they are burning down untruths. This time – their magic will save us all.

The witches are back.

The witches are doing the work. The witches are building businesses. The witches are birthing witchy babies.

The witches are here to light up the world and celebrate the darkness each step of the way.

The witches are back. The witches are back. The witches are back.

We are the medicine for a world that forgot all the magic and beauty that is.”

Caption written by @thelaylamartin.

I am feeling grateful to recognize that the work Layla, Zola, myself and so many other dear sisters teach are overlapping so deeply. Bringing back the light… 💖


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