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1. Yoni Yoga - The right way to insert your Yoni Egg

The key element to an effective jade-egg practice is inserting your egg the right way. Never just push your egg up your vagina and do your practice. That way it will only add more stress and trauma to your yoni. Ask your body if it is ready and want to receive the egg. Listen to your body and slowly allow your body to open up. By relaxing and breathing, and consciously opening and relaxing the muscles of your vagina opening.

2. Yoni Yoga - Top 5 most effective poses done with a Jade Egg

With each of these practices, your main focus is to bring your awareness inside your yoni. Make sure you take deep full long slow breaths. Inhale & exhale deeply while squeezing and releasing your yoni muscles will help you to expand and open up your energy channels. Inhaling with a squeeze helps to move the energy upward and inside your body. Exhaling with relaxing helps you to move into surrender and to defuse the energy into your body.

3. How to start feeling pleasure when you are not feeling it

It can be extremely hard to move from feeling numb and disconnected into pleasure. Most of the time the first thing we start to feel when we are moving into the body is the pain, the uncomfortable feelings, all the emotions we have been trying to avoid for so long. This video will show you how do you stay with your body while you may encounter these feelings showing up, and how can you allow in pleasure without forcing it or faking it.



Let the stories inspire you and awaken this ancient inner spark of magic. 

Let these stories open you and unleash your inner wild feminine nature and soft power.

Let your Sexual Spiritual Liberation Journey begin.

Let your Sexual Healing bring you into your Feminine Sensual Empowerment.

Let yourself feel the energy behind these written words, so your subconscious mind can pick up on the intention, ancient wisdom and deep light.

Let this light light you up, let it in-light you.

That the seed of pleasure may be spread and bring upon this world peace, joy and love.