All pussies need magic⁠⠀
All yoni’s get benefits from learning sacred self pleasure⁠⠀
All vulvas thrive when they feel worshipped⁠⠀
All vaginas get blissed out by receiving full love⁠⠀
Have you given your most sacred body part the acknowledgment, attention, love and appreciation that she deserves and so much longs for?⁠⠀
Don’t know how to do that? ⁠⠀
Or what steps to take to get their?⁠⠀
Are you just feeling numb or either pain, or disconnected from your most sacred body part when you try to tune into her and feel her?⁠⠀

I know seducing your own Yoni is an art! And like all arts it brings great beauty and pleasure! 

As women we havent learned how to self-pleasure. In Dutch I call this zelfbeminning, which basically means to truly deeply love yourself like your would love your most amazing lover! To bring that energy to yourself!

When you bring that energy of deep adoration, acceptation, love, appreciation to yourself you will feel so deeply empowered, so deeply connected and filled up with love from the inside out!!

The moment you have come to realize what selfpleasure truly means, you will wish they thought you this stuff from young age! 

All women deserve to feel whole in their femininity! 

So if you feel broken, numb or disconnected in your sexuality...
Let me help you! I have been there and I know exactly how you too can seduce your own pussy, so she will purrrr again!⁠⠀
Send me a message if you feel pulled to this work. I will send you all the info about my soon to start program The Pleasure Temple⁠⠀
Looking forward to chat with you!!⁠⠀


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