Lets spread a new virus… love, compassion, joy.

marianne van katwijk Mar 16, 2020

Lets spread a new virus… love, compassion, joy.

Lets all focus on really listening to what it is we NEED, what it is we desire, beyond the objects…into the feelings.

When we look beyond our superficial desires, we come to realize that the new car, health, better or new relationship, more money in the bank, better job are all desires that will make us feel a certain way.

The true end result we all desire is that we all want to feel joy, love, pleasure, playfulness, support. Let’s focus on that!! Let’s spread this love and joy from our HEARTS like a virus.

Joy, laughter and a smile ARE CONTAGIOUS!! I know we need to keep our distances, but your aura, your energetic body, your vibrational frequency is much much bigger than the distances we need to physically keep. Our energy can reach far and beyond our imagination.

And feeling joy, laughter, love and PLEASURE are all natural ways to release our feel-good hormones. These feel-good hormones reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. Which helps to maintain a high-functioning immune system!!

We can only overrule Corona by getting enough people becoming IMMUNE to this virus! The only anti-virus we have now in this moment is keeping our immune systems high-functioning. We need to keep boosting this high-functioning of our immune system, and when we boost our own, we boost the COLLECTIVE!!

So let’s focus on love, laughter, joy, pleasure and playfulness. Stepping up as the MASTER of your life!! And radiating this POWER inward and outward.

Feel it beneath you

Feel it beside you

Feel it behind you

Feel it infront of you

Feel it above you

Feel it inside of you

Feel it all around of you!!

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