I grew up in a small city in the North of The Netherlands until the age of 19. I then left to travel the world and did so for more than 7 years. I went to all the continents and soaked up all the different religions and sacred practices from around the world.

I have received multiple spontaneous Shamanic initiations as a child and adult. These initiations unleashed a natural shamanic power within me. A divine channel of source energy. The energy of God(dess)/source/mother nature works through me. This deep energy and intuition shows up in my sessions so that I fully connect to what each of my client’s needs is.

I not only know how to guide you to where you want to be, but I also have lived through the same pain as you. I have suffered an episiotomy when giving birth to my son, it took me from being a sexual active being, into a frozen, disconnected, numb, frustrated, angry depressed and tired woman. Up to the point where I so deeply felt… “This… no more! It’s enough! I want to feel free, alive, joyful, playful and turned on again! And I am going to do whatever it takes to get back there!”

And I did!

Not only did I get back there, I actually got to a place where I feel even more bliss, turn-on and pleasure then I have ever felt in my life before! 

‚ÄčI got to experience how living a free and turned on life is key to feeling empowered, confident and be connected to the Divine. And how my turn-on is actually powerfully influencing every area of my life. 

Whenever I feel turned on and filled up with pleasure, my business blossoms, I earn more, my relationship is thriving and my connection to my little boy is vibrantly joyous. Literally life is thriving when I am living from my turn on! 

And I want to share that with you!

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